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The First Gate of the Moon

We’ve come through the first of the four, Moon Gates ~ the New Moon.

This week is all about creation! The light is waxing and so are we! Building and developing the seed potential that’s becoming more and more realized. How was the New Moon time this past Saturday for you? What new seeds are sprouting for you?

These next couple of days are powerful because the Sun crosses paths with the South Node of the Moon. It’s like accessing a portal to the past and reaching in to claim something old from the deep karmic well of the self. What will you discover?

Something along the lines of Libra/Aries. Something to do with how you relate and how you self-identify. Something that has a deep effect on your relationships.

Maybe it’s something long lost and forgotten, hidden, or denied. Maybe it’s something ready to be released. You can bid it farewell and good riddance.

Maybe it’s an aspect of you that is ready to be embraced. Like a treasure of self that you can finally dust off and recognize its beauty for what it is, and adorn it!

The journey to self-love is great. For many, there’s a need to cultivate, like a ritual, self-recognition, self-appreciation, and celebration of what is successfully overcome, on the daily.

Whatever it is, the Moon will take it and carry it to a meeting with Pluto, next Saturday, the 21st, at the next Moon Gate – the First Quarter Moon.

Pluto’s way is to level up anything that comes into his territory with transformation, via a death and rebirth process. So that thing, that something that you’re reclaiming this week from out of your deep past, it’s an important component in this garden that you’re growing.

And lest not we forget, it’s Eclipse Season, so the stakes are higher. The gifts, the opportunities, and the confrontations are all more karmically profound and impactful.

Blessings on your journey, Jessica

Week September 6th – 13th Waning Moon

The week before the end of a Lunar Cycle leads us to a completion–within ourselves. As the cycle is in its waning phase, it’s about slowing down and integrating all that has transpired over this past month. All that has manifested from out of your own psyche into your experiential awareness.

In other words, whatever has been happening in your life since the last New Moon on August 16th is now being deeply processed and integrated into your subconscious as food for body, mind, and soul. This month began with a New Moon in Leo with Venus retrograde and the infamous “Game-Changer,” Uranus, involved.

For many, the theme has been about confronting deeply personal relationship issues that may have crept up as subtly as a lightning bolt! The now point of the waning last quarter half-moon arrives one week after the peak of the Pisces Full Moon and one week before the Virgo New Moon. It’s the mid-point now, where you may witness a “crossroads” arrive on your path or a pivotal point in the cycle that represents the need for reflection and, optimally, a redirection of your focus and awareness. This redirection often has something to do with the need to shift your perspective in some crucial way. How are you looking at the things unfolding in your life? How could you benefit from seeing things differently?

It’s essentially about opening up to a different way of understanding what’s going on in your life and expanding your point of view. We are always in a constant fluctuating state of expansion and contraction. We seek truth and value and incorporate and ground it into the self. Then we hit our own stagnancy and limitation, and in comes the need to expand and allow growth to continue. Stability and flow, eternal sisters.

This week will lead us into the Dark Moon phase, where we are guided to surrender to the unknown and let go before the new beginning yet again. One of the major events this week is Venus completing her retrograde cycle.The Venus cycle. Venus represents the desire to connect, relate, and partner. She is the Muse and all that provokes desire and inspiration. She is associated with the feminine, love, beauty, and the pleasures of the physical world.

Venus takes about eighteen months to travel a complete orbit around the Sun. For forty days during that time, it will go retrograde. During that time, it is considered the period where Venus goes into the Underworld of her own psyche (and perhaps that of others), as Persephone, Venus’s own shadow. From playful Muse to the Guide of Hells – of the psyche. The “hells” of course, are not literal but hypothetical in reference to the subconscious realms and that which has been buried, denied, oppressed, repressed, rejected, and abandoned.

The Venus retrograde time is about returning and reclaiming what has been lost from the heart, which threatens to steal your inspiration. This time represents that part of us that desires to go into the dark mystery. As Venus now ascends from out of the Underworld, we too, are rising into greater light and awareness from all that we have confronted and gained throughout these past forty days within our relationships.

We are in what’s called the shadow period. The time it takes for a planet to come out of the retrograded degrees and move into fresh new territory. For Venus, that will play out over the next month. We can imagine it like a slow walk from out of the Underworld through the bardos before the release.

This week sets the stage for the upcoming Virgo New Moon conjunct a Mercury Retrograde. That is a powerful emphasis on mental functions, implying in so many ways that the great healing right now is in the mind.

Full Moon + 7 Retrograde Planets, August 30th – September 5th

Pisces beckons us into the Cosmic Void, where synchronicity and magic merge to birth new life into form. It requires faith. From out of spirit, we are made, and we manifest. We can choose to overlook the obvious, even deny and ignore the signs, but what is still remains.

Life is riddled with paradox. We are the paradox. The Pisces-Virgo axis perfectly represents this. Spiritual beings having a human experience. From out of the infinite void of time and space, mind and matter, we create. And through that, we experience the “unseen” manifested in all our creations. It only takes awareness to recognize. Virgo is all about paying attention, especially to what most people do not notice.

With seven out of nine planets currently retrograde, garnering awareness is emphasized. Retrograde represents a reverse in the natural order of things. Instead of a direct outward expression, it’s about slowing down and turning inward. Retrogrades represent a period of inner reflection. They offer the opportunity to remember, recall, or regain what may have been overlooked, denied, or ignored. And then, take the time to make more valuable choices regarding the life you are creating. So, essentially, although retrogrades have an infamous reputation, they are actually blessings.

Astrology speaks of the psyche and its evolution or growth in consciousness. So, when we write about the cosmic weather, we reference what is going on out there as a correlation to what is happening here. As the planets move through time and space, so do we. Through each cycle, we grow through our own continuous orbit relative to our soul.

So, let’s look at the retrograde planets and try to decipher the message of the moment from each! A retrograde can last anywhere from three weeks with the faster-moving planets, like Mercury, up to six months with the slower-moving planets, like Pluto.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Pluto represents a deep yet slow process of detachment, especially emotionally and psychologically, to anything “ready” to be released. As the release happens, a new sense of self is gained. Essentially, Pluto represents the death and rebirth processes that are always the undercurrent of our growth. While retrograde in Capricorn, we are being guided toward self-contemplation upon (Capricorn) the foundations and the support systems in our lives. What is working and what is not as far as how your life is structured?

Mercury retrograde in Virgo. Mercury represents the logical mind, our perception, and communication. Retrograde in Virgo, we are guided back to reexamine certain little important details that matter in the bigger scope of our lives. Virgo is all about the day-to-day and the routines that shape our lives. So the current ask is: What are the rituals that make up your routines, and how well are they serving you? And let’s not deny the fact that there are so many electronic devices available these days to uplevel and make our lives easier and better. Do you have the ones you need?

Venus retrograde in Leo. Venus is about our relationship to ourselves, others, and love in general. So, when retrograde in Leo, we dive deeper into our connection to joy, fun, pleasure, and love. Leo speaks to the human desire to want to be recognized, appreciated, given attention to, and loved for how very special we are. So, what is your relationship to joy and pleasure, having fun, and receiving attention and recognition for how special you are? What is the love quotient of your life?

Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Uranus represents liberation into your unique self and true genius. It means an unstoppable momentum for change and breaking free from the past. It specifically represents the higher mind and awareness. It’s like the saying, “I can’t unsee what I’ve now seen.” Uranus is – you can’t unknow what you now know, and therefore, life must change to reflect this newfound awareness. So, in Taurus, the lessons are around stability, self-sufficiency, and self-preservation. How strong are you in your self-care and self-love? We must cultivate our own knowing around our self-worth and value to truly know ourselves and each other from this center.

Chiron retrograde in Aries. Chiron represents the pain and the suffering of humanity. The silver lining is that we can rise more triumphantly from adversity. We can gain wisdom and strength from out of the pain. Pain has a way of cracking the heart wide open. In that process, we can come to know compassion and love. Aries represents the masculine, and as well evident, there is a divisive dichotomy between the masculine and feminine that is fortunately now well underway to be healed. How and where are you doing your part in healing the wounds between the masculine and feminine within and without?

Neptune retrograde in Pisces. Neptune is the natural ruler of the Pisces archetype. Together, they represent the oneness, the infinite sea of connection that unites us all. We all impact and affect one another. In each thought and deed, we add to the fabric of creation by which we all breathe. Neptune in Pisces will always remind us that greater forces are beyond our control. Life itself is bigger than us. However, we are creative beings capable of tapping into the infinite source of inspiration, faith, and miracles. This is the realm where dreams do come true!

Saturn retrograde in Pisces. Now, this leads us to the Super-Fullmoon that happens to be together with our current Saturn retrograde in Pisces! This one is a doozy! If ever a Full Moon joins another planet then the energy of that planet is magnified by the Moon, and the planet amplifies the energy of the Moon.
So here we have the Full Moon come to illuminate the Saturn qualities of integrity, maturity, and responsibility in the arena of Pisces. What connects us all is our humanity, but that itself has a fickle nature. We are complex with a whole spectrum of possibilities of human traits that can define us from the most basic and profane to the most sacred. This world is full of every possibility, and we are free to choose. The playground is an amazing yet dangerous one!

One thing is for sure: the axis of Virgo and Pisces teaches us that, as humans, we are not perfect, but we can strive to be better and to become more. “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them that trespass against us.”

Stay open to miracles and magic! And have compassion, for the journey of life is not an easy one. There is so much happening behind the scenes, lest we not forget.

August 24th – 29th, Lunar Forecast

This week leading up to the Supermoon in Pisces, we have a few powerful events unfolding that are sure to be observable in our lives. Because as we know, as above, so below, it’s never coincidence but always synchronicity!

At the beginning of the week, Mars progresses away from its bi-annual opposition to Neptune, which played out throughout this last week. We can imagine this as two forces sitting opposed to one another at the cosmic counsel. Something’s got to give. An understanding between two separating tensions must be realized. The purpose of this moment is to get that there is growth in the polar tension.

This cycle began with Mars conjunct Neptune back in May 2022. Therein was a seed planted, and now over a year later, it has come to the full phase – opposition. What were you doing then that is currently in some form of fruition? What desire has bloomed into realization?

In many ways, this cycle represents, on an individual level, the work that has been done during this period and what has been gained and given in the process. It is a confrontation between individual ego desires and the greater scope of life. We can’t always have what we want, but sometimes we can have our dreams come true! This is a week where directions will shift.

Mars represents the force of will, ambition, and the drive to be, get, take, and have. Neptune represents the vastness, the infinite, collective consciousness, and beyond. So we could say that the small self is now coming face to no-face with the higher self.

One way or another, this time can present something big and overwhelming, like you are close enough to reach out and touch just how bigger than life this existence is as if it was just sitting right there in the palm of your hand. And then “poof,” back to reality and the daily drill we go, but still, there is so much going on behind the scenes in the realms of creation, potential, and dreams. And it is here in the events that unfold during this week that we’ll see their substantial impact upon the nature of just those very things.

All this while Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo, throwing a wrench into the wheel of how things are “supposed to logically” be working out.

As the Full Moon builds, the Sun, now in Virgo, will oppose Saturn to add additional tension between personal power and the established structure of our lives. It represents lessons to step up in integrity, maturity, responsibility, and even in duty. Where does your devotion lie? Our energy has got to go somewhere, and creation is always happening. What will you choose, as we are given that opportunity each moment?

Virgo season is about purification and the intention to make right and better all that is within your potential to do so. It is about self-love and self-care as a service to the whole. Now is a month to discern and make the most of your precious time, for we never know how much of it we have left. It is a time to do what is necessary and to pay attention to details. There is magic and beauty all around! Virgo appreciates that the journey is as rewarding as the destination.

Blessings on your journey, with love,

Jessica Dawn

Eclipse Season ~ April/May

We are currently in the lunar cycle that precedes the upcoming Eclipse Season. We have arrived! The mythical potency of eclipses has already begun to ripen. In just two weeks from now, we will have, with the next New Moon, a Total Solar Eclipse, at 29 Aries. On April 20th. 

Here we enter what is known as the eclipse portal. A vortex of time and space that promises that we will come out very different than how we went in. Just watch and see. The Aries season is a time of new beginnings and new initiatives. It is here that many, especially those with strong Libra/Aries and Scorpio/Taurus placements, will be propelled through life-changing experiences and confrontations of karmic proportions.

Eclipse times are infamous for unearthing old and fated matters and unraveling issues that flow deep within the bloodlines and the very pulse of your soul. Eclipses highlight soul work, and in Libra/Aries and Scorpio/Taurus, it is much about identities, attachments, money, contracts, power, limitations, and survival – they are the things that we take very personally.

Essentially, these archetypes deal specifically with the kinds of things that come up between lovers, families, partnerships, and the self. Some things are so old and so deep that it takes lifetimes to deal with. Some things are so deeply embedded in the fabric of who we are that they are passed down through generations for others to carry on the dealings with.

Alongside the power of the eclipsed New and Full Moons, the current Mars in Cancer cycle only serves to embolden the focus even further upon the past, the family, and our most intimate bonds and relationship issues; with ourselves, others, survival, and money. However, these are active cardinal energies that are all about the freedom to be who you are and initiate new experiences and beginnings.

This Full Moon on April 6, on the 16 degrees of Libra/Aries, is a trigger to confront and initiate the necessary change. Aries and Libra particularly deal in the realms of extremes. Libra aims to set the score straight and balance the scales. Extremes are a part of our nature and a part of life. Here it is about the battle for justice and cooperation between opposites.

These are Venus and Mars-ruled archetypes, so making sense of the paradoxes, polarities, and differences between the sexes may be spotlighted as this Full Moon sheds light upon the things that need greater understanding in our lives.

Libra and Aries, like Mars and Venus, are like the Yin and Yang expressions of the zodiac. The harmonic convergence of opposites makes a balanced and harmonious whole.

Saturday, January 21st

New Moon in Aquarius

As the Sun and New Moon at the first degrees of Aquarius both just passed over Pluto at the end of Capricorn, this new initiative incubating has a lot to do with deeper core issues that likely have surfaced into greater awareness.  We are being guided to access greater personal power and self-awareness.  

The yearly meeting of the Sun with Pluto unearths hidden truths (and potentially deep personal confrontations) and with the New Moon joining the two, we are being escorted into the under-realms.  There is treasure there.  Return with it, and all will be right on course as we proceed now forward into the creative waxing phase of the Aquarius New Moon cycle.  

Some keywords for this lunar cycle are; vision, gaining perspective and clarity, releasing the past, progressing forward, rapid acceleration and growth, creative expansion, objective awareness, unity in diversity. 

Bring offerings. Venus Conjunct Saturn

January 22, 2023

     Every year when Venus returns to Saturn we get a reset in the aspect of our psyche that is connected to how we are being in regard to love and relating. This reset is specifically focused on how honest, responsible, and mature we are in the dealings of such matters – love and relating. A return of a planet to another is an end of an entire cycle and the beginning of a new one. Now, it’s not as if a reset button is pushed and all is done. No, there is work to be done. Saturn holds us to this.

     Imagine Venus in council with the Great Elder after returning back from a long personal Hero’s Journey of the heart. Mistakes have been made. Victories have been won. The heart has hurt and the heart has grown.

     It’s a time where constructive judgment and true assessment of what is and what has been is valued. It’s a time where facing reality and ourselves and accepting corrections is what will assure strength for the new journey ahead that is about to begin once she leaves this meeting of reckoning.
Saturn always grants us exactly what we have earned. There are no shortcuts on the path of integrity and honor. Only effort, discipline, devotion. Saturn is here now to remind us of this.

     Venus makes her yearly conjunction with Saturn on January 22nd ~ the Grandfather Karma archetype and the Lover of Life come for a brief reset of responsibility, and their meeting proposes big questions. “Are you being the change you want to see in this world?” “Are you being in your potential to the best of your ability?” “Are you putting all of your heart and soul into it?”
A few weeks later, right around St. Valentines Day, Venus will spend a few nights in the embrace of Neptune and the answers to these questions may be revealed in all kinds of unimaginable and even magical ways. As there are few symbols that expose what’s truly in the heart like a meeting of Venus and Neptune.

Aquarius New Moon Blessing

January 21st, 2023

This current New Moon cycle in Aquarius evokes inspiration! Aquarius is masterful at offering a new way of looking at things, so expect the unexpected. We have an opportunity to finally play the game a bit differently, with potentially more clarity, vision, and awareness gained. We’ve been on a long journey, and much has been learned. Aquarius is classically the “fruits of our labors” after the work has been put forth. It’s the reaping of what we’ve sown, potential fully realized and expressed.

༶Aquarius lifts us, awakens us, rocks the boat, shocks us out of complacency, and inspires change. So, come as you are and welcome a little luck on your side. It’s a get-out-of-jail-free card and time to skip ahead into more expansive horizons!

༶This week, on January 24th, Uranus (the ruling planet of Aquarius) moves out of its four-month retrograde and says farewell to its year-long stay it has been in with the North Node of the Moon. These two won’t come together again for a conjunction for fifteen years and in an entirely different sign. Uranus is the “Great Awakener,” and the North Node of the Moon represents our forward instinct towards actualizing our Destiny ~ in Taurus, this has been about the past year cultivating what an ideal future would feel like, what it is you value most, what is most important for survival?

༶Taurus is about individual comfort and pleasure, and we have each been looking at what that means to us. We’ve had the opportunity to not only receive the visions of what it could be, but within all the deeply personal work we’ve each done, it has allowed us to embody deeper potentials necessary to actualize the future we want. We have had many opportunities to make peace in the body and to heal our relationship with it as the vessel that carries us through this life.༶Of all the dimensions within this life that we exist in, the body reminds us that we are in a mortal dance with time. Like the sands in an hourglass, there is a finite moment where it stops until it is turned again. So now, as Uranus moves direct in Taurus, we are gifted more time to grasp the blessing that is life in a body and to take the time to value it and the worldly experience and all its material treasures, as they simply represent our hearts and spirits manifested.

༶2023 promises to be an extraordinary year of significant life-impacting culminations and finalizations. We are witnessing the end of outdated systems and the implementation of more progressive structures to support us through this epic time of expansion we are now entering. Both within and without, it is happening. But first, before the rebuild, the crumbling of what was is falling. After fifteen years, Pluto changes signs this year, transiting the last degrees of Capricorn into the first degrees of Aquarius. These are both highly socially focused archetypes representing the structures and the definitions that we, as humanity, have created and bound within – the social constructs.

༶However, there is a personal level as well to these signs. Capricorn takes us deep within to the archetype of our sense of personal power and authority, or sovereign self. Our capacity, our contribution. This is the healing work that we are each involved in now. We each deserve to feel fulfilled in our ability, to be valued by what we uniquely offer, to know that we are provided for through it and by it and that we are worthy of its provision. We all have something powerful to give. Capricorn represents the cycle of life that has reached its peak of performance and now provides as a whole – to the whole. Capricorn is the provider through its own realized inner resources. Imagine a world where we each are valued for what we can naturally give, and having it sustains us.

༶Aquarius, on a personal level, represents the unique and individual essence and genius within each one of us. The creative quality is driven by inspiration and exists to be expressed and experienced in its uniqueness. It is our individuality, and it is meant to contribute to the tapestry of humanity as a gift to bring more possibility. Unity in diversity; honoring individuality as humanity is the ultimate aim that these archetypes represent on a collective social level. They provide the potential that we could get there.

༶As we all reach greater towards our individual potential and heart, so does the social structure that we make up. Yes, of course, there is always resistance that we will face. The old and the new are in a continuous confrontation, but growth and evolution persist. And our creative human potential is grand.

May you count your blessings as many as stars in the sky. ☾

After The Eclipse

It’s debatable how long the effects of the eclipse season last. What’s important to understand is that eclipses are not just a one-off event and then it’s over. The basic Lunar Cycle goes from a New Moon to a Full Moon, with two half moons in between, and then closes with the final Dark Moon days. Every six months we have a set of eclipses, which energetically are felt to intensify the already potent process that the lunar cycle represents of rebirth, initiation, and new beginnings, into a peak and climax, followed by a culmination, closure, and release period. New – full – final.

Those who follow the lunar cycle learn to work with this rhythmic process within their psyches. As they attune to this natural rhythm and begin to feel their own alignment with Nature and the cosmic dance of the planets, it becomes evident through observation so as above, so below, as within, so without. Ahh, the beauty, the mystery, and the miracle of astrology!

This past Lunar Cycle began with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio and then crescendoed into a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. This is the axis of desires, needs, deep love, and attachments, to name a few.

So, if we consider it, at minimum we can tune into the eclipse effects for at least six weeks. There are the two weeks before the coming New Moon Eclipse (the waning phase), where we are letting go in preparation for a new grand cycle of birth and renewal that is coming. Looking back, many of us can recount that we were working on closing up some profound chapters in our lives and psyches during early to mid-October. Following, the end of October with the New Moon Eclipse, came major new beginnings and significant fresh starts and directions.

A New Moon eclipse often heralds a powerful new focus or direction in our lives and minds. This builds in creation and intensity in the following two weeks of the waxing phase and peaks with a revelation at the Full Moon Eclipse. Now, as we are on the other side of the Full Moon in the last two weeks of the waning, integration, and culmination phase, it is a time of digesting all that has happened over this past month.

In the garden of our psyche, this is a time to clean up after the harvest (all that we have learned and experienced) and prepare the compost with all the excesses and fallen fruit. Then, till the nutrient-rich soil, preparing it to incubate new seeds again on the soon-to-be Dark Moon.
We’ve reaped all the bounty and nourishment from what was provided, and we, too, are waning. But, in the sub-conscious realms, all those nutrients absorbed (the lessons, the losses, the gains) serve the next round as soon as the New Moon Lunar Cycle begins again in one week.

Whatever we take forward into a new cycle affects what will come of it. So in the last week of a Lunar Cycle, we have an opportunity to release and let go of what we choose to no longer carry with us.

As for the astrology for this week, there is always a multi-layered experience with the planets. At times, too much to try to capture in a short report. So, for now, I’ll leave us with this.

Mercury and Venus leave Scorpio’s emotionally piercing depths and progress into Sagittarius’s optimistic visionary goals! The transition between these two archetypes is like rising from the darkness of the Underworld into the heights of pure potential. As Scorpio’s intention is about diving deep into experiencing the truth, Sagittarius is about expanding into the understanding of truth. Scorpio is deeply penetrative into the psychological and emotional bodies, while Sagittarius is inspired to ride the waves of creative vision, intuition, and imagination. Allow expansion to take you away!

In many ways, Sagittarius aims for the lighter, more humorous, and fun side of life. So as we enter the Holiday Season, Sagittarius promises the flames of inspiration and joy to touch our lives.

May we all feel an abundance of love and light, and may you count your blessings as many as stars in the sky!


Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse ~ November 8th

“This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is likely to feel like a grand birth of some kind in your life as the feelings of both contraction and expansion compete and waves of both fear and joy rush in.  It’s an epic fullness, a completion and a beginning, a birthing and a death.  

The best thing we can do in times like these is find peace within the chaos and know that with every peak there is a descent.  On the other side of this Full Moon, so much of what was actually below the surface will be revealed.” 

The astrology surrounding this upcoming total Lunar Eclipse is wild with potential for radical changes within our most personal relationships.  The Full Moon joins Uranus exactly on that day highlighting what Uranus stands for – individuation, through the process of breaking free from that which holds you back.  

However, in “breaking free”, I don’t mean just cutting ties and breaking away from. That may only add more trauma to the trauma (Uranus also represents trauma).  “Breaking free” implies a liberation that can only truly happen through a complete integration and responsibility towards that which we have been attached to.  Thus, leading to the real integrity that is promised within the process of individuation and being truly true to thyself.  Integrity does not exist without self-awareness. So simply said, don’t just detach and walk away, do it with responsibility and integrity so as to be really free.  

In our own lives, Full Moon times can reveal a peak of an energy dynamic that has come to its fruition and is ripe and overflowing with the need for expression and recognition. Things come up and out to play!  Conversations, confrontations, opportunities, breakthroughs, and crisis points.  

We all know that Full Moon’s are infamous for provoking the wild and unpredictable emotional side and for many, especially during an eclipse, being surrounded in all that mystery of light and dark can arouse a full-on howl in the night! 

It’s Scorpio Season and here we confront our own soul’s need to evolve and to become more of itself through the death and rebirth processes of life.  We must change, we must grow, we must let go and allow the experience to transform us.  

The current astrology is powerful as there are many components to digest. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus conjunct the South Node of the Moon, while opposite the Moon and Uranus join the North Node of the Moon.  Meanwhile, Saturn is in a tight square to all of them!  A peak of this much energy within and without can feel overwhelming.  And times like these put history on the map.  For many, this season will be one to remember. 

This is going to be a week where so much metamorphic transformation occurs through our values and identities, our attachments, and our relationships with ourselves and to others.  Likely, you will notice this process has already been well underway for weeks.

The Mercury-Uranus opposition represents a powerful mentally stimulating energy that could lend both to confusion and chaos as well as profound insights and breakthrough awarenesses.  “Aha” moments and entering the field of pure intuition can lead to inspiring quantum leaps in perception and understanding within ourselves and our relationships.  Shock and awe are out to play…’tis the season of the Scorpion!

We are the creators of our destiny.  We have been given the colors to work with and the canvas will surely capture both the light and dark in our expression.  Scorpio Season is all about revealing the truths behind our experiences.  

Blessings on your path, Jessica 

Eclipse Season! October/Scorpio

Today as we move through the last week of this lunar cycle, within the waning (release) phase into the dark moon (integration) stage, we are being led to an epic culmination point as the Eclipse Season has arrived!  

The week of the last quarter moon is a call to make an adjustment in some way in regards to how you are perceiving something important in your life.  Change the way that you are thinking.  Try to see it from another’s perspective and expand your mind.  This will set the stage for greater success throughout the next new cycle.  

Eclipses are celebrated for ushering in monumental shifts and changes in our personal lives and consciousness.  It’s time for an upgrade!  And to all that old baggage and accumulated weight, metaphorically and literally, it’s time to let go!  A whole new life cycle is ready to be born to you! 

It is said, “Seize the day!”  Eclipses offer us the opportunity to harness the light and the power availed to us and to seize the moment now and make it a time that is marked by when you courageously stepped away from that which holds you back and triumphantly claimed your highest potential!  

We are talking about the Scorpio/Taurus archetypes, and they are all about self-mastery and the ability to hold a great deal of personal power. Next week at the gates of a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, the lessons over the next month will concentrate around power and limitation, where you have it and where you do not.  

The more we have the greater the loss. The less we have the deeper the hunger.  Greater success comes with greater responsibility.  We earn our place in life, whether we realize it or not, with each deed and desire we create our story.  We pay the tolls, the fees, the price, and in Scorpio, we are taught that the currency is always one way or another in blood, sweat, and tears!  Sounds intense, and it is, but there is also so much love in there!  This life, from the Taurus perspective, is meant to be thoroughly enjoyed.  It’s all about loving it, feeling it, tasting it, and indulging in a way that is fully satisfying to you and where contentment and peace can be realized.  

As far as the astrological influences for this week, we have some very sweet and positive combinations with Mars in Gemini trining both the Sun and Venus in Libra, lending to potentially smooth connections and conversations in relationships, alongside some wilder more unpredictable energy with the on-going Mars square Neptune in Pisces. 

At the end of this week, as the Moon comes full circle into the dark moon completing its lunar cycle, we can trust, that on the eve of a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, whatever is incubating deep within each one of us, will birth profound change that will be a catalyst for immense growth and the truth therein will be revealed.  And in the revelations, there will be love.  

Let’s make the best of it! See you on the other side! 

October Calendar of Events

02 – Mercury Direct, Out of Retrograde!

This was an especially hectic and challenging Mercury Retrograde cycle for many! By October 17th we will be clear out of the shadow degrees and into fresh new territory.  As Mercury moves direct through Libra, then Scorpio, we can anticipate potentially clearer communication and understanding as we navigate deep relationship realms.  

08 – Pluto Direct in Capricorn 

This closes a five-month cycle of Pluto Retrograde.  With Pluto direct, we can begin to see outward manifestations of deep transformation.  Hard-earned personal inner work can now give way to powerful physical changes in your life!

09 – Full Moon in Aries

Powerful peak moments in relationships.  This is a fiery energy that initiates change where necessary and can come through conflict before the resolution. [Continue In Blog For Full Lunar Forecast]

12 – Mars in Gemini Squares Neptune in Pisces

This is a powerful aspect that progresses over the next five months. The Mars retrograde cycle heralds an impactful square between the two planets promising chaos and magic alike! This transit will test our temptations, our desires, our vitality, our boundaries, and our ability to act from noble, sacred, and integral intentions.  It’s wild energy that can tap both the magical and the divine as well as the profane and self-destructive. Have discretion with the risks you are willing to take. 

19Sun in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn

A desire to keep the peace with diplomacy and heart conflicts with an equal desire to progress by any means possible. 

20 Venus Square Pluto

Tough confrontations of the heart demand a change of perspective. This is an energy that asks “How can you expand in the way that you are seeing and perceiving a certain truth in your life?” Where is there room to grow and expand in your beliefs? In your heart? 

23Sun Enters Scorpio

Hail to the archetype of transformation, death, rebirth, and the raw truth!  Scorpio gets real and naked and exposed.  It is here that we bare our vulnerability and dare to show our true colors. 

Saturn Direct  

This is the close of its four-month retrograde cycle. We can now begin to feel some of the barriers and obstacles have been removed and it’s time to progress forward with the fruits of our labors more readily accessible.  

Venus Enters Scorpio

It’s all about intimacy, power, and resources.  This will highlight our relationships over the next month. 

25New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 

Eclipses are a major portal into powerful changes of direction in our lives.  Releasing the past and welcoming the new is the theme.  In two weeks, we will have the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  We have arrived to the Eclipse Season!  

30Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Bam!  This is a potent bi-annual aspect.  Mars only goes retrograde every two years and during this time has a powerful effect for seven months (through March 2023).  Mars is about externalized action manifesting deep desires – our instincts, our impulses, our ambition. When retrograde, outward action can slow down so that a deeper internal dialogue can come into focus.  Inner reflection and assessment of desires, needs, and motivations is what’s now being called for. 

Aries Full Moon ~ October 9th

     A Full Moon in Aries comes when the Sun is in Libra, and the two represent a polarized dance between the self and the other.  This is a peak moment in the cycle where our relationship dynamics come into the light for greater clarity and recognition.  

     The Full Moon point in the cycle illuminates and reveals that which is ripe and ready to be seen and in Libra/Aries, the spotlight is focused on how you are in relationship with yourself and therefore with others.  

     October and November are the Libra and Scorpio solar months.  At this point in the zodiac, we have reached the archetypes that are specifically all about our partnerships and the desires and needs that live therein. What do “they” want, what do they need, what do they have, versus what do I need, desire, want, and have?           We all need a certain degree of independence, freedom, and solitude, and in turn, we each require a certain amount of companionship, physical touch, and connection.  It’s all a natural part of the human experience, and now here, we embark to understand it.   

     Here now, we have arrived to the season where it’s time to sort through it all!  The needs, the desires, the varying perspectives, the contrast, and the conflict that relating to others inevitably provokes.  We learn from others who we are beyond our own perceptions.  We learn how to do better, be better, and how to live better.  We learn how to improve our communication skills, how to adjust our behavior in regard to others well being, we learn how to listen, and then how to be courageous enough to speak our truths, our needs, and our feelings. 

     We learn how to be kinder, more considerate, and more aware beyond our own interpretations.  We learn the effect that we have on others and how others have the power to affect us.  No man is an island!  And who would we be without one another? 

     Though Libra often deals with the extremes of relating and the incessant journey of conflict resolution, the beauty that lives through Libra is all about Venus expressed!  It is the manifested muse, the inspiration found between people and the blessings of shared experiences.  Libra represents all the variations of Love’s expressions within relationships and partnerships.  This is a time for connection. 

     The planet Venus will spend the next couple of months traveling closely with the Sun in Libra and then in Scorpio, which serves only to energize further the Venusian qualities now triggering our psyches and activating our hearts.  By early November this focus on relationships will reach even deeper into our subconscious realms and “older” territories of our hearts, as Venus comes to join the South Node of the Moon, which is the symbol that represents our past karma and all that has come to be within our own personal consciousness.  

     It is a meeting of Fates and Destiny where your life direction can be altered as you confront aspects of who you’ve been or who you were in contrast to the future path that calls to you.  

     The past and the future collide with Venus, and the result is all about LOVE!  What love can do, what love can be, and what love can create.

This is what we are currently in preparation for and moving towards! I’m wishing you so many blessings on your path!  Sincerely, Jessica 

Pisces Full Moon & Mercury Retrograde this weekend!

 “Feeling is healing” is the mantra. Grief is a wave that moves through all of us, salting our wounds, as compassion keeps us afloat, lest we drown in the pain-body of life.

Full Moons have a way of bringing an intensity of energy to the forefront of our lives. With this week’s Full Moon in Pisces meeting Neptune

Whether you are on the brink of great accomplishment or facing significant setbacks or even loss, the magnitude can feel larger than life with the Pisces/Neptune combination. Full Moons illuminate fruition in the cycle (each our own cycles), usually on the external, social, or relationship level. Meaning – peak experiences with those around us can present as confrontations that reveal deeper inner conflicts that are ripe and ready to be resolved.

This is a time defined by healing through a process of deep introspection coupled with acceptance

The Pisces/Virgo Axis is a portal into the divine experience of being human. It is the interface between being a human in the confines of a body containing an infinite soul within. It is where we face ourselves and strive incessantly to be more, to be better, to be perfect. And where we must garner compassion and acceptance for the journey and the flaws, the mistakes, and the inadequacies that we experience along the way. We are human

Virgo is the place where we are defined by time and our actions and efforts, and Pisces reminds us to let go and surrender to the vast infinity that we are also a part of.

While we are now under the influence of seven retrograde planets (for the next few months), it is largely about slowing down, going inward, taking a breath, integrating and digesting your experiences, and getting present with what is and what has come. It’s about preparing for the future by being in the now, now!

One is the infamous Mercury (September 11 – October 1), known for throwing a wrench in our daily plans and devices, and one is the Rebel Warrior planet Mars which represents powerfully taking charge. Though Mars is not yet in its retrograde per se, we are already within the threshold of its remarkable influence. From August 20, 2022 – March 28, 2023, we will be in the Mars Retrograde Cycle.

Most of us have gotten quite used to the slippery slope of the Mercury Retrograde, but the Mars Retrograde only happens every two years and stays four times as long! This year it highlights its square aspect to Neptune for a long six-month duration. We are already in the throes of feeling these influences as the planets gradually move into place.

Some lessons and themes include high emotions, anger, boundaries, desires, passions, and sexuality. The dance between the Masculine and the Feminine is activated. Facing reality beyond the illusions and the delusions is where the courage lies. Becoming more conscious of your actions and desires and that of those around you is necessary. It is essentially a time of confronting the obstacles in the way of your dreams coming true, be it from within or without.

Blessings on your journey.

☾Sincerely, Jessica

Full Moon in Aquarius, August 11th, 2022

This Full Moon time will be a bit of a game-changer with a serious tone to it! However, with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius, not without plenty of opportunity for joy and play and likely some social engagement that can potentially tap us into older, deeper, karmic realms, as Saturn, the great Lord of Time himself joins the Moon.

Full Moons illuminate, unearth, bring to the surface, and reveal that which is ripe and ready in our psyches and our lives. Many of us have been birthing great change over this past month

It’s a time of revelation, breaking free from the past, and being radically authentic to yourself and your dreams. Go for it! There is power in the now!

The future is ours to create, and the energies of this Full Moon time are in perfect accordance to support your inspirations and your heart’s desires blooming and blossoming into a thriving creation that can and will nourish you and life itself. But you must do what is yours and only yours to do.

We all have our part to play, our places to heal, and our unique and beautiful love to give. The work is in the courage it takes to express and participate with this love that is uniquely yours to have and give to the world. So much love and blessings on your path.

Sincerely, Jessica

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

May 15th, 2022

Full Moon Lunar Eclipses are astounding to witness. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to view one

Eclipses tend to amplify the energies of the moment. It’s a period where bigger events, opportunities, and life changes can and will occur. Full Moons have a way of illuminating deeper aspects of our lives, shadows, patterns, and what’s hidden or ready to be exposed. External confrontations can come to an intense peak as the light shines upon the unconscious and reveals what is now in perfect timing to face.

As this Full Moon is in Scorpio opposite the Sun in Taurus

It’s a time to get very centered on the strength and personal values of oneself and one’s allies. And to create distance once and for all with the vampiric relationships that hold you back. Because the power that we have and its use is everything, the “right” use of power or the “wrong” use of power makes all the difference.

The shadow archetype of Scorpio has a lot to do with loss, betrayal, and abandonment. The highest expression of Scorpio is about joining forces and creating immense value and wealth out of the union. Deep soul contracts and transformations alter the very nature of who we are. It is death and rebirth and the need for change and growth to eventually return to stillness in the calm and peace of stability… gained.

With Venus teaming with Chiron in Aries and Mars and Neptune currently joining up in Pisces this week. On the other side of the spectrum of Taurus/Scorpio potentials, there are the possibilities of outstanding everlasting bonds of love, commitments, personal successes, and partnership victories!

Ultimately Scorpio and Taurus are about harnessing the power within and manifesting it into the physical. To make something of yourself from the sanctuary within and join forces and enhance another or be assisted in your own victory. For we are nothing without the love and support of one another. Look around, the power that we hold is great and even more remarkable when combined.

Blessings on your path.

In Between Two Eclipses

At this current first quarter moon phase, we are at the mid-point between two eclipses. The stakes tend to feel a bit higher during the eclipse season as far as the events and confrontations playing out in our lives. Especially if you have natal planets at the same position as the eclipses

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, which are currently in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio.

Eclipses are famous for ushering in big changes and grand opportunities

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, and somehow on the other side of the eclipse season, we can experience feeling very different and living in a different way (the end of May.) It’s like a reset that comes every six months to clean house and propel you further towards your destiny (the house of your psyche, that is.)

The last eclipse season played out in November and December of 2021. Can you recall what major changes or events in your life soon followed to shift the direction of your life?

What’s different about this current cycle is that we have Uranus on the eclipses as well as Saturn squaring. With Uranus and Saturn strongly influencing the stage

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, we can expect the unexpected to be showing up in ways that represent our deepest survival instincts and our most primal needs and desires. These are Taurus/Scorpio matters.

Uranus is a force of revolution often preceded by shock and destruction of what has already been established to make way for the new. Saturn represents the institutions

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, what is law by man, and what is decreed. When the two come together, it is a force of intense tension between the established and progress, between the conventional and the revolutionary, and between old patterns and new ways of being. As we can see, what is going on with Roe vs. Wade is a clear example of this. In our own lives beyond how we are each impacted by that, there can be confrontations and the need for revelations and change impacting the deepest and core personal issues for each one of us.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis reminds us of our innate vulnerability as emotional beings and how utterly dependent we are on one another. We need

, and we have. We need what others may need, and they have what we may need. Things like resources – money, food, shelter, knowledge, physical contact, companionship, love, compassion, and care, and in times like these, I am reminded of the value of decency, generosity, consideration, respect, and honor. These are all essentially valuable resources that, when embodied, could serve to balance out many of humanity’s greatest struggles.

May the heart of humanity heal in a collective revolution of peace towards one another.

Eclipse Season

We are in the last week of the lunar cycle before a New Moon Solar Eclipse. This is the waning dark moon phase, where we digest what we have experienced, assimilate what we have learned, let go of the unnecessary, and clear space for the new on its way.

Eclipses have a way of ushering in ripe new opportunities and boldly releasing the old. Through an astrological lens, eclipses are not a singular event. They are a “season”. The eclipse season encompasses an entire lunar cycle and then some. There are the weeks preceding the event

, there is the eclipse which is followed by a second eclipse two weeks later, and then there is the dwindling off from the potency of the events through the following couple of weeks. Here we are.

As we move through this next week with the waning moon

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, increasingly we can observe in our lives the overdue change is perfecting. The readiness of the hour harkens “It’s time.” We have arrived. Eclipse Season brings the shift.

How this may look for you is personal. But the grander themes playing out now speak to our deepest survival instincts (Taurus), our most personal values, and our sense of powerlessness up against the vastness of it all, up against our ignorance, innocence, and inadequacy (Pisces). We are, after all, only human.

For many, it has a lot to do with changing ourselves regarding what we have previously needed or depended on to feel secure in life, as well as shifting values to match a new emerging identity that is very different from who you have known yourself to be.

In short

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, the astrology reflects a time when people are going through deeply transformational personal shifts and identity reorientations. Consider it as a transitional stage of an identity crisis! The awkward beginning gives way to the rebellious stage, leading to a greater sense of self, which inevitably humbles us to how far we still must go, and then the surrender as we accept the process of becoming.

Two major aspects will accompany this week’s Waning Dark Moon. The first on (Saturday, April 23rd, on the day of the Last Quarter Moon), Mercury will join with the North Node of the Moon in Taurus. For a few days, the Archetype of the Messenger dances with the symbol of the “Future,” or our destiny. Messages from the future, perhaps?! Or insights into our own purpose and destiny may come clearer. It’s a good week to open to possibilities and potential (unexpected) doors opening that point you forward on your path!

The second big event of the week is Venus

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, the Goddess of Beauty and Love coming together (on Wednesday, April 27th) with Neptune, the Divine, and Omnipotent potential (in Pisces).
 This could manifest in as many ways as there are expressions of love and beauty! It’s a day to tap into the power of creative manifestation – to dream life into being and participate in the dance of love, the creation of beauty, and the enjoyment of this worldly experience and all it has to offer.

It’s a time when boundaries can seem blurred (for better or worse), and the unimaginable can come true (for better or worse). The Pisces archetype wants to set us free from ego limitations and the confines of the physical. However

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, the downside can look a lot like escapism and a lack of self-care or even love for the sake of “getting out of this place.” Wherever you may be, make the best of it and seek the beauty if only from within.

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Uranus Transiting Taurus

The “Taurus Suns” have entered a very special chapter of their lives. Where Uranus – the “Game Changer” “Awakener” “Revolutionary” – is going to be in a direct merging with your Sun – the “Identity” and the sense of drive that guides us seamlessly toward our purpose.

A healthy identity with Self is crucial to our vitality and capacity to thrive in life.

When Uranus comes to the Sun in your chart

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, it’s an Initiation into activating your True Self, and an alignment with your Soul Purpose and Creative Expression.

This is the process and the Rite of Passage that is serving the Taurus Souls at this time.

Uranus works through the mechanisms of “shedding the skins of the past” letting go of the “known” and stepping into the “unknown” and embracing a Revolution of Self. 
Rebellion is a powerful archetype of Uranus. To be free

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, liberated, and deconditioned from societal norms and standards that are suppressive or oppressive to the true individual essence of Self.

During this transit

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, the Taurus Souls will be some of the most powerful forces in leading this movement of the Rising of the Feminine. 
As they deepen and own their own connection with the Venus/Goddess energies within, and stand courageously in their voices to be a part of the Revolution of the Divine Feminine Awakening in consciousness that is happening.

This cycle of Uranus transiting through Taurus goes from May 2018 – April 2026. During this 8 year period

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, there will be one particular year for you, where the essence of this transit will be at its peak of influence, depending on what degree is your Sun in Taurus.

Look to your chart to find out your Sun degree in Taurus or consult and astrologer. 

Soul Map Book ~ Testimonials!

What People Are LOVING About The “SOUL MAP ~ Astrological Guide-Book”

Kaypacha Lescher I have been a student of astrology for over 40 years.  During that time, I have read countless interpretations of my chart by a countless number of astrologers.  Bearing that in mind, I am absolutely blown away by not only the interpretations

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, but the wisdom teachings shared, new insights, and most importantly, aspects of myself to both consciously work on AND be proud of, all shared with gentleness and deep understanding.  The “Personal Symbols” section of my book held an immense amount of value but my “Soul Story” took me to a whole new level of awareness!  How Jessica explained the evolutionary intention of my soul was both profound and exquisite.  This is by far the most personal and revealing interpretation of my chart

Köp Cialis Receptfritt

, written clearly so that I can return to it again and again and still find new aspects of myself each time that all I can say is thank you!

Christine O’Connor ~ Jessica’s “Soul Map” is both a comprehensive but succinct tutorial on astrology in general as well as a specific guide for a particular birth chart. I consult mine regularly in a spiritual practice of learning to trust and to live with faith. The ancient Delphic oracle prescribed “Know Thyself” – astrology offers us a way to do this and Jessica’s “Soul Map” is a powerful tool.

Denise Fitch ~
5 out of 5 stars Apr 11

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, 2017 (on Etsy Store)
I purchased this book as a gift to my nephew not knowing quite what to expect. My book arrived yesterday

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, and I was blown away. You can see the time, effort, energy and love that was poured into this project. I was so impressed that I look forward to giving these books as birthday gifts. Just make sure you put in your request in plenty of time as this is not a quick turnaround. Well Worth the Wait!!