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Temples of the Moon

Bundle: Personal Natal Chart Consultation (Live Zoom) including the Soul Map Birthday Book (eBook option)

Bundle: Personal Natal Chart Consultation (Live Zoom) including the Soul Map Birthday Book (eBook option)

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Live Personal Astrology Consultation (Zoom) Including your 90-page "Soul Map" Personalized Astrology Book.

After your order is complete, you will receive a response within 1 to 2 days to schedule your reading and collect birth data. 

A Personal Astrological Consultation is a deeply soulful exploration of your soul blueprint as symbolically represented in your astrological birth chart.

Jessica uses the map of your chart, in direct communication with you, as a reference point to discover greater awareness of your life as you are experiencing it and the deeper soul dynamics you have questions or concerns about. There is a focus on understanding where your soul's intention is focusing its growth in this lifetime. 

A thorough Cycles and Transit Reading for the current and upcoming time is included. You will come to clearly understand your own cycles and phases that you are currently experiencing (including past and future cycles) and how in the whole scheme of your life they are unfolding and contributing to the evolution of your consciousness and your own personal growth.

This is a live personal astrology consultation (Zoom meeting) where we explore deep into the archetypes of your Natal Chart focusing specifically on aligning with your core soul intent and purpose in this life.

  • Many layers of revelation may come through this process including insights into ancestral connection/karma, money, love relationships, community/society, etc.
  • We will look deeply into the planetary cycles and phases and how they contribute to the timing of your soul evolution and the actualizing of your soul purpose.
  • Your own personalized astrological journal “Birthday Book” the “Soul Map” is included.
The “Soul Map” is a uniquely Personalized Birthday Book based on the symbols of your astrological birth chart. There are over 75 pages of powerful, insightful, astrological information and detailed specifics about you and your soul journey. It’s your own customized soul map that you can refer to for years to come!

It’s a rare gift made to last!

There are three different variations to choose from when purchasing:

  • $109.00 ~ Ebook Version - Soul Map
  • $149.00 ~ Quality Hard Cover Book. (When purchasing the hard copy of the Soul Map you will automatically receive the eBook version for free.)
  • $229.00 ~ Premium Hand-Crafted Soul Map Spiral Hard Cover Book. (When purchasing the hard copy of the Soul Map you automatically receive the eBook version for free.) 

Quality Hard Cover: 

Crisp new book feel with pure white pages and your name customized on the spine. Display quality will enhance any coffee table or bookshelf! The quality hardcover book is designed at order by Jessica and then printed and shipped by Barnes & Noble. USA orders expect a 3-week delivery time. International orders expect a 4-6 week delivery time. The included eBook version will be emailed within one week. 

Premium Hand-Crafted Spiral Hard Cover:

This book is designed with quality parchment paper to have an authentic aged look and feel to it. It is considered a premium product as each one is made by hand by Jessica and the Temples of the Moon team. There is a considerable amount of time and book-making skill that goes into crafting each beautiful hardcover from scratch. USA orders expect a 3-week delivery time. International orders expect a 4-6 week delivery time. The included eBook version will be emailed within one week. 

Ebook Soul Map: 

By popular demand, I’ve decided to make the Soul Map available as an eBook option! I’ve decided to do this as a convenience for those who would prefer it, however, I recommend choosing the physical version as the book was designed to not only be a container of valuable information but also a work of art with an authentic and even “aged” feel to it (the Hand-Crafted version). The Hand-Crafted book is special in its physical design as it is enriched with various types of quality paper. With all eBooks, there is a loss of the actual essence that can only be found when holding in your hands a good book! With all that said, I have formulated the eBook to be enjoyable in its presentation and all of the same information is contained as in the hard copy versions. Your book email delivered within one week. 

This customized book includes over 45 pages of personal descriptions based on the specifics of your birth chart.

For example: “What does it mean to have the Sun in the sign of Virgo or the Sun in the 7th House?” Or, “What does it mean to have the Moon in the sign of Leo or the Moon in the 10th House?” etc.  (Note: this report does not include descriptions of the planetary aspects. It focuses solely on the house and sign positions of each of the planets in your chart.)  

Included in the Personalized Book:

  • An in-depth birth chart analysis reveals the significance of every symbol, highlighting your ultimate potential and life purpose. Each explanation offers a comprehensive interpretation of the symbol's energy, enhancing your understanding and deepening your self-awareness. Expert guidance for unlocking your ultimate potential and navigating personal challenges with ease.
  • A beautiful lotus mandala image of your natal birth chart.
  • Fully detailed descriptions of the meanings behind the archetypes of the planets, signs, and houses in your chart.
  • As a special addition to the book, I have included the “Time Map Time Tracking” section, which explains the most important and meaningful planetary transits and cycles we are affected by throughout our lives, including the specific ages in life that we experience each of these cycles.
  • “Your Soul Time Line” section explores the most important soul themes of your life, and the specific dates throughout your life that these themes are activated (as seen through the transit of Pluto.) Included are suggestions and insights on how to make the best of these passages in your life. I list for you: The specific dates, according to your birth chart for the shifting of these themes: how long each cycle is occurring in your life; the specific time frame in years, and what specifically they are all about. This section is very much about the evolutionary growth of your soul.


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