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Temples of the Moon

Astrological Natal Chart Consultation

Astrological Natal Chart Consultation

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A Personal Astrological Consultation is a deeply soulful exploration of your soul blueprint as symbolically represented in your astrological birth chart.

Jessica uses the map of your chart, in direct communication with you, as a reference point to discover greater awareness of your life as you are experiencing it and the deeper soul dynamics you have questions or concerns about. There is a focus on understanding where your soul's intention is focusing its growth in this lifetime. 

A thorough Cycles and Transit Reading is included for the current and upcoming time. This is especially helpful to understand the timing and years of some of the most important life stages in your timeline. 

Your recorded 90-minute Personal Astrology Consultation is via video call (Zoom). Your astrological birth chart will be used to answer questions that you have regarding any aspect of your life.

  1. After your order is complete, you will receive a response within 1 to 2 days to schedule your reading to occur usually within two to three weeks.
  2. Jessica records your reading and sends you the recording (via email) so you can relax and absorb the information.

Your chart is a virtual blueprint of your soul journey.  Choosing to enter into its mystery is a powerful act of claiming the keys to the Map of your Soul! 

"Why am I here?" "What are my unique gifts?" "How do I overcome my challenges?" What is being asked of me, now?"



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