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Temples of the Moon

Self-paced Video Course, Module One ~ The Fundamentals of Evolutionary Astrology

Self-paced Video Course, Module One ~ The Fundamentals of Evolutionary Astrology

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The Fundamentals of Evolutionary Astrology

22 Video Lessons:

  1.  Welcome, and Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology: 

    1. The Main Tenets of Evolutionary Astrology

    2. Pluto, and the Soul Factor. “Why am I here and what are my lessons?” 

    3. The Pluto Formula ~ The Trinity of the Past & the Trinity of the Future - the evolutionary intention of the soul.

  2. The Astrological Mandala

    1. The Wheel of Consciousness and the Cosmological Positioning.

  3. Anatomy of a Birth Chart

    1. Signs: The How

    2. Planets: The What

    3. Houses: The Where

    4. Degrees of the Zodiac

    5. Angels: Ascendant, Descendant. Midheaven, IC

    6. Aspects

  4. Transits & Evolutionary Cycles: Periods of Natural Growth

  5. Asteroids: Chiron, Black Moon Lilith, Persephone, and others. 

  6. Aries, the First House, Mars

  7. Taurus, the Second House, Venus

  8. Gemini, the Third House, Mercury

  9. Cancer, the Fourth House, Moon

  10. Leo, the Fifth House, Sun

  11. Virgo, the Sixth House, Mercury

  12. Libra, the Seventh House, Venus

  13. Scorpio, the Eighth House, Pluto 

  14. Sagittarius, the Ninth House, Jupiter

  15. Capricorn, the Tenth House, Saturn

  16. Aquarius, the Eleventh House, Uranus

  17. Pisces, the Twelfth House, Neptune

The video course is a self-study independent learning course, however, it is hosted on my main school platform and features a "Chat" section under each video to discuss the material and ask questions. I sincerely encourage you to share your feedback and ask any questions that may come up for you while watching. Your engagement and curiosity will enable me to provide ongoing support and assist you in your progress. This is also a great way to connect with other students and support each other!  

  • Level One: The Fundamentals of Evolutionary Astrology, Self-paced Course - 20 Videos
  • Level Two: The Essentials of Chart Interpretation, Self-paced Course - 12 videos

The Evolutionary Astrology training with Jessica operates in two parts: 

1. The Self-study Course (can be purchased as a stand-alone from the school membership). 

2. The School Membership is designed to accompany the self-paced courses and further deepen your practice. (Partaking in the Self-paced Course is a prerequisite to becoming a student in the school OR if you have prior astrology training you may contact me to discuss). 

The School Membership is a live ongoing mentorship and training in Evolutionary Astrology. It is designed to accompany the self-paced course to deepen your knowledge and practice of astrology. The self-paced course videos are designed to be easily digestible with enjoyable graphic visuals, etc. 

You can choose to enter the school monthly or commit to an annual subscription. It is recommended that you commit to at least one year of immersion in the study and practice.

*Being a member of the School includes free access to the Lunar Path Membership.
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