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Temples of the Moon

Couture Astrology Mapping - 1-Year Personal Astrologer

Couture Astrology Mapping - 1-Year Personal Astrologer

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Imagine having your own personal astrologer for a whole year!

Hire Jessica for One Year Personal Astrologer

Contact to set up a zoom consultation at

Get ready to experience an incredible journey with Jessica as she expertly supports you through the passages of your life, providing enhanced understanding and professional guidance into key moments throughout the year. This is the perfect way to make the most of your time and stay connected to the impactful shifts and astrological influences that shape your life. You will be in touch through email, texts, and video calls.  A schedule will be designed that works best for both of you.

Imagine having an intimate connection to consult with the Cosmic Conversations of the Universe in a direct relationship to your life now! You can receive heartfelt guidance on all your major decisions, relationships, etc. What a truly remarkable way to authentically and wholeheartedly align with your destiny!

Consulting with your astrological chart empowers you to gracefully navigate life, wholeheartedly believing in your chosen path. Embrace the assurance that everything unfolds impeccably according to divine timing.

She will focus on New and Full Moons and how they affect your chart, along with two important Eclipse Seasons throughout the year (which are important times of growth in life.) She will also spend time examining the major transits and aspects you are currently experiencing and the upcoming themes they will activate.

Bonus: You will also receive the popular   "Soul Map ~ Personalized Astrology Birthday Book"! 

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