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Temples of the Moon

Child Natal Chart Consultations

Child Natal Chart Consultations

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Jessica is an Evolutionary Astrologer and the main focus of the reading is on communicating to you the beautiful soul intention your baby has come here to fulfill. 
She looks into the primary soul focus, as well as, any challenging patterns that may arise. 
Your recorded seventy-five-minute reading (on Zoom) will be recorded and emailed to you soon after the session. Jessica will use your child’s astrological birth chart to answer questions that you have regarding any aspect of your child’s life.

After your order is complete, you will receive a response within 1 to 2 days to schedule your reading and to collect birth data. 

It is an invaluable gift to know your child’s birth chart!

This is one of the greatest tools available for parents and caretakers, to be able to see and guide a child through an understanding of who they truly and uniquely are.

An astrological birth chart is a symbolic representation of the uniqueness of each and every individual. It is the "Map of the soul."

Just being aware of one’s 'Moon Sign' alone (the emotional body: what one feels they need to feel safe, nurtured, happy and supported in one’s environment; the hearts’ desire) can provide a greater understanding as to how the child responds to and receives his or her life experiences.

Our children are one of the life’s greatest teachers, providing us with the opportunity of learning an essential lesson of how to surrender and to let go. They are a pure example of the necessity to give our creative manifestations over to a life of their own. They come to us (or are attracted to us) and so, their birth chart is not only an expression of their lives but also of the continuation of our own.

As we are bound by the bond of a lifetime together, we not only see what shall color their path but also where we, through them, optimally will find greater awareness and growth. Through this connection and that within all of our relationships, we receive a glimpse into our own path’s unfolding dynamics.

Like the seeds of the tree, the DNA of the whole matrix lives within...

It is a fascinating thing to view our lineage through the perspective of an Astrological Birth Chart; to see the repeating themes and signatures, the conditioning patterns past down from one generation to the next ~ the Group Soul.

A “Family Reading” consists of 3 or more individual charts. Please contact me to inquire about the cost and procedure for the Family Reading. If you are interested in having a synastry/composite chart reading with just yourself and a child you can choose the “Relationship Reading” option.


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