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Temples of the Moon

Chart Interpretation - Masterclass

Chart Interpretation - Masterclass

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Zodiac Vault - An Astrology Chart Masterclass

Monthly Masterclass Vault; learn to decode your astrological birth chart. When you purchase this course you will instantly get access to the Masterclass Vault Membership space and Chat forum with Jessica and other students worldwide!


I've designed the monthly masterclasses to inspire, guide, and engage. From the very first class, you'll learn to decode the symbols and the profound soul narratives hidden within each chart. You are welcome to be a part of the membership for just one month or continue on to enjoy the entire 12-part series.

Intro to Chart Interpretation Videos: You will have immediate access to this informative video series. It includes a wealth of comprehensive information you must know when working with chart interpretation.

As a class participant, you may submit your own chart to be analyzed as an example. You will discover how to understand the Evolutionary Astrology Method of Chart Interpretation. Evolutionary Astrology is a specific branch of astrology recognized for its expertise in deciphering the profound soul intention of an individual through a meticulously reliable methodology.  

A new live class each month. Each class will cover the fundamental Evolutionary Astrology Method of Chart Interpretation; the “Pluto Formula.” Additionally, each month I will introduce a new element to expand and deepen your practice and chart knowledge. Each class will build upon the previous class creating a collection that will be the Chart Interpretation Series. 

You may enter the program at any time as all prior classes will be stored in the library and accessible to you at any time as long as you are enrolled in the program. This course caters to individuals at any stage of their astrology journey, welcoming all levels.

Community Chat Space. This offers a chance for you to actively participate, share in the conversation and post charts or ask any questions you may have. I sincerely appreciate your feedback, which holds immeasurable value for all of us. 

Library of Replays:  You are welcome to be a part of the membership for a month or continue on to enjoy the entire 12-part series. As long as you remain a member of the Zodiac Vault space you will have access to the complete library of past classes. 

Meet amazing people! Connect with other like-minded souls on this inspiring transformational path with you!

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