MOON ~ The Feminine Blood Mysteries.

MOON ~ The Feminine Blood Mysteries.

To be like the Moon. The Mother, the Nurturer, the Seer, the Vulnerable One. 

I am an incredibly Lunar person.  It's powerfully exampled in my birth chart and clearly observable in my life. I flow. I'm highly receptive, psychically perceptive, and changeable by day, by the hour. 

I'm emotionally charged and magnetic with feelings, always. I feel others. I feel the past. I feel the waves. I feel the current as it pulls through us daily. I feel the shifts in the energetic weather. I respond, reflect, and connect.  I nurture and heal, receive and let go.  I'm moody.  I know lunacy!  I celebrate in the fullness of light and I retreat in darkness. 

I bond deeply.  Reveal intimately. Expose the light and the dark. I am vulnerable in the depths of my perception and capacity to feel, to care, to connect. 

I am a creature of the night ~ a "Night Owl". Inspiration and energy turn on for me at night. I like the stillness and the quiet of the witching hours. I worry and fear. I'm afraid of what lurks in the dark. Insomnia and being awake in the night are something I have learned to live with and expect. 

I carry in my bloodline a deep story of the "Mother Wound". It has defined my life and that of generations of women before me, and in my daughters now, and in the men that have been there. We are a powerful force of Mother ~ Daughter ~ Sister.  A force that spans the entire spectrum of power from defeat to triumph. I have seen the feminine take herself and be brought into the darkest underworld.  And I have seen her rise like a phoenix reborn and renewed.  

I have broken the chain of trauma with my daughters, and with my mother, we continue to resolve it. The "family astrology" depicted in our birth charts is fascinating how it represents this. So much Moon/Cancer energy between us. 

I have always loved menstruating! I adore the profound connection to the essence of life that menstruation brings. It's a truly sacred and empowering experience, something I can't put into words. It fills me with gratitude and vitality. Often, the day before I start my period, I am overwhelmed by profound emotions that greatly impact my daily life. They stem from a deep place within me, perhaps rooted in the depths of my past. 

I've observed, that it feels as though my very essence is on the verge of unearthing something long hidden, demanding to be confronted and addressed. I've come to appreciate the importance of being mindful and ready for such moments.

My period has been aligned with the last week of the lunar cycle for a while now. I love this, as this is the week in the natural cycle about getting still and returning inward. 

My daughter and I both are devoted to honoring our cycle and we try to work as little as possible when we are bleeding and just rest and be in the feminine flow. It has been a beautifully nourishing practice. We live together and our cycles sync.  

There were years in my twenties when I was suffering from my childhood pain that I did not bleed for years and months at a time. After giving birth to my first daughter at 29 years old, my cycle regulated and has been consistent for 18 years now.  

I healed so much in becoming a mother. I learned in a way that I was never taught, how to take care of myself, not just for my child, but for myself. And how detrimental not only to the self but to the whole environment it becomes to do otherwise. 

My daughter holds such a precious place in my heart and soul. She fills my life with immeasurable joy and love beyond comprehension. She is every phase of the Moon incarnated! 

The Moon essence is an umbilical cord that feeds us from the source of life. All potential exists therein. The quality of what is coming through the umbilical cord determines the nourishment, whether nutritious or poisonous, it becomes us, and we process it and realize what we are made of.  The Moon represents our inheritance and what we have been "fed".  The adage "We are what we eat." speaks volumes. 

A loving mother has the power to nourish and cultivate a nurturing environment for growth. Her role is not to be everything, but to provide enough support for flourishing. And a mother without sufficient resources can profoundly harm the child-like innocence that is vital for their own understanding of self-care. 

We all come through the mother. We have all been linked by the umbilical cord to another human being - our mother. We all know this vulnerability; this bond. We all know the mystery and the miracle of being in the womb. We all know what it is like to be fed and/or poisoned by another. We all know how we can do this even to ourselves.  This is the complex realm of being an emotional human! 

I would love to hear if you have any Moon musing of your own! 💜

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