Robin Williams and the Devastation of Depression ~ The Astrology of an Empath

RobinrednoseAs much as my life has been devoted to and immersed in the study, observation, and counseling of people and their psychological/emotional states, I am still none the less taken by surprise at the depth by which Robin Williams has shown us of the condition of Depression.

He of course is just one example of many, however his influence was such that the impact has been widely felt and is certainly leaving an impression on many of us.  I have a feeling his death was on some level meant to be a powerful catalyst to humanity to wake up to the actual emotional reality of our Human Race.

Depression is a condition that many suffer with, far more than we know because it is largely unaccepted to feel such deep and dark feelings on a regular basis. Continue reading

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JUPITER IN LEO – JULY 16, 2014 – AUGUST 2015

OliviaSteeleBring on The LOVERS – its time to CELEBRATE!

On July 16, 2014 JUPITER moves out of deep feeling CANCER where are needy wants and delicate wounds have been explored for the past full year. Since last summer we have been blessed by the ever present expanded awareness around our most personal desires, our most intimate longings, fears, insecurities, and the most fragile of territories of Self. And Oh how so many gifts received from out of this watery vulnerable realm…! Continue reading

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New Moon in Cancer ~ Cry me a River, June 27th

returntoMaryThe Journey of the Heart is by far the most Mysterious… Life is but a journey of the Heart.  It is no wonder that we live on this blue planet of water when tears endlessly fall from our eyes, pulled by Life as a reminder to feel our Hearts.

It is the Eve of the New Moon in Cancer, and I lie awake in the middle of the night moved by the loud pulsing of the Heart Beat of Life.  Cancer is the Divine Mother essence, and the Womb, and the Inner child which dwells within.  And when the Moon returns to begin her cycle here again, it is a time where we are guided back into the dark mysterious depths of ourselves and the fertile waters of our own personal existence.  Cancer is so very personal.  It is where all attention is focused on ourselves and that which is dear and important to us.

Like the Mother with the child ~ that child is everything and all things…. Continue reading

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Full Moon in Sagittarius ~ June 12th, 2014

pianoIt is the Eve of the Full Moon, and the tides are pulling at our Souls.  To enter into the Silence.  Beyond the rumbling sounds of the crashing waves within.  There is a stillness. Found in the depths of the Infinite Sea within us all, where the Heart’s Calling is heard,  And responding to its song is the only movement made. This place within our being that knows no other way but the Grace and Compassion of the Heart. Streaming through our bodies like a liquid Light leaving nothing untouched by its presence and caress. This is the miraculous inspiring force that we are all made up of, made from the very same substance as the Cosmos and the Earth.  We are Stars expressing the Infinite Nature of Spirit.  Our purpose is to shine and illuminate more Light upon the planet and out into the Universe…  Continue reading

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May 30th, 2014 New Moon Phase

10507027_sOur Words & Thoughts have Great Power!

This week’s Gemini New Moon energy is ushering in very powerful healing influences, particularly in the realm of our Minds in partnership with our Emotions.  The “frame of mind” for many of us has been affected by not only high levels of stress and pressure, due to all the radical change and transformation we have all been going through, but also by the unhealthy conditioning, judgments, and distorted perspectives passed on through the generations. Continue reading

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