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Celebrating Solstice! June 21st

June 21st, 2018 ~ Summer Solstice (in the Western Hemisphere.)

“It is a time of appreciation, acknowledgment, and celebration.  With the powerful cosmic alignments coming up ahead, the Summer of 2018 promises to be indeed a “Summer of Love” like many have already begun to anticipate.  And, for each of us, this will look a lot like whatever our own personal relationship with “Love” is.”

The change of seasons is like graduation from one impulse to another.  Having journeyed through the initiation phase of Spring for the past three months, it’s been about the SPARK of Life introducing us to the impulse of birth and that which is wanting to come forth and be born of us. Read More

This week I’m working on my new website!  Please excuse the disorganized appearance.  By the end of the week, I plan to have it looking fabulous with many new posts about all the upcoming powerful transits for the Summer of 2018!

Mars Retrograde ~ beginning June 26 through October 10th

Mars typically travels through a sign in about seven weeks, giving us that much time to navigate “the impulse to act” within the expression of whatever the given sign is (or whatever house it is in our own charts).  So, when in Retrograde (slowing down and moving backward – every two years) it will stay in one area for nearly six months. Read More

Goddess Aphrodite & Queen Persephone


Sisters of The Pomegranate

The Goddesses of Vision & The Alchemist of Love

Both Aphrodite and Persephone are linked in their mythologies by the Pomegranate ~ the aphrodisiac fruit of sublime pleasure. 

Aphrodite is said to be the mature aspect of Persephone, and Persephone the innocent or immature shadow of Aphrodite. Read More

Soul Time Line

This graph (an excerpt from my personalized birthday-book – “Soul Map”) offers a quick view into some of the major cycles and astrological transits we each experience throughout our lives.

The human experience offers us some very specific and accurately predictable time frames that define the coming of age and personal Rites of Passage throughout our Life. Read More

Rites of Passage & the Moon Cycle

A rite of passage is an important event that marks the transition from one phase of life to another.

Something that happens in the life that carries us, and in affect transitions us, into new awareness and new life roles.  

Rites of Passage are situations like Birth, Marriage, Sickness, Death, Divorce, New/End of job, New Home, Beginnings/Endings of friendships or family relationships, great successes/great losses, etc.   Read More

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