Full Moon in Leo ~ February 14, 2014

beautyloveThis Moon holds much Love and speaks of the Dreams in our Hearts. Like a song distant in the night, she whispers our deepest hopes and wishes to the wind, caressing our every move as we dance through our lives beneath Her.

The Full Moon always shares with us the magic of the Cosmos, but this one especially is gifting us the magical secrets of Life. It is up to us to listen to her song, to dance in her offering, and to bask in her light.

How we choose to respond and to receive what is available to us is up to each of us. This Moon time very much speaks of becoming aware of how we take action with each passing breath of our lives. Inhale…

The Full Moon is in Leo opposite the Sun in Aquarius. Their is a massive collective Dream manifesting of Love Uniting us all, and it lives within Continue reading

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WANING MOON ~ January 23rd


What is the motion of Your Being asking for in each moment, with each movement you make?

That is the question of this Moon.

Now is a very potent “karmic time”. That when our Past and our Future or Destiny, stand eye to eye to be witnessed.

It is the day of the Last Quarter waning Moon.
From the New Moon to the Full Moon, now we stand a week away from bearing witness yet again to another New Beginning, and the disINTEGRATION of what was… Continue reading

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Venus Retrograde ~ The Disappearing Star ~ December 21st – January 30th

angellovebugsIn response to some questions about my whereabouts…  I want to apologize for my unannounced pause in my offerings of Forecast & classes, etc.  I could say in partial truth, like Persephone,  I was abducted into the Underworld…about the time of my “disappearance from the scene” Venus was about to go Retrograde so maybe I could have predicted…

Im sure I am not alone when I say “It has been very difficult to keep up with our lives these days”.   I was not planning to take a sabbatical, but Life I found had another plan for me. Continue reading

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New Moon in Sagittarius ~ December 2, 2013

brilliantWe are in the last two days before the New Moon. It is the RELEASE phase. Potentials fade like distance stars as darkness seizes the night.
The Dark Moon influence is upon us – the offering of stillness, surrender, and contemplation. In this space we are called to lay to rest all that has reached the end of its time.
A New Beginning is hours away  Continue reading

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~ Mercury Coming out of The Shadow – November 27, 2013 ~

15600178_sMercury entered Scorpio back at the end of September and turned retrograde on October 21st – November 10th.  Of the 30 degrees of Scorpio, Mercury made it up to 18 degrees on Oct. 21st, turned retrograde and returned all the way back to 2 degrees by November 10th.  This experience was taking us back in time.  Literally, November 10th at 2 degrees returned us to a space reminiscent of October 2nd (which was the date of the first position of 2 degrees), and then carried us forward from there over strangely familiar territory, that which was unfinished came back around. Continue reading

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