“What is Astrology?” ~ Video

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In this video I attempt to tackle one of the most misunderstood, misinterpreted, and demonised practises out there – ASTROLOGY.  What is it? and How does it work? I cant say I actually completely succeeded in answering those age old mystery questions, however here I share what my perspective and…

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Turning over a New Leaf!

October 4th Quarter Moon in Cancer ~  LET IT GO! We Are Beginning a New Chapter in Our Lives! This week is all about rooting into what nurtures us. But first we need to get clear about what does not!  We’ve all been doing this quite intensely for a while…

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The Art of Esotericism

 The etymology of “esoteric” stems from the Greek root meaning inner or pertaining to the innermost.  The esoteric studies are a path that leads us deep within on a journey of Self-discovery.  From the Starry Cosmos to the rich dark soil of the Earth we are found.  In all esoteric…

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