Full Moon Meditation ~ Video


All over the World since the beginning of time people have gathered under the Full Moon Light to join in ceremony, ritual, and meditation. 

Today there are hundreds of thousands of people who honor this time each month as a day when the energies and light offer a powerfully supportive element to grounding and anchoring powerful intentions and prayers. 

When so many people gather at the same time with positive intentions and focus, a massive collective impact can and does occur.

Back in 2000 the great Shamaness and Author of many books on Shamanism: Sandra Ingerman, initiated a monthly Full Moon Meditation which she called the “Web of Light.”  Still today she has continued each month to support this collective gathering and intention with many people joining in.  Read here for more.

Please join in meditation under the Full Moon, from where ever you are, to create this powerful ‘Web of Light’ and let us witness together the healing and unity that continues to build in our world!

The general intention put forth by this particular meditation and group intention is based mainly on focusing on one’s own inner light.  It is not about sending light out to a particular place in the world, a person, or the Earth herself. 

The intention is on spending the time making contact with and cultivating your own source of divine light which dwells within you.  It is about being with your own inner light and witnessing it grow as you nurture it. 

It is from this place in each of us that we will find the healing and transformation we seek. 

Imagine a world where everyone is shining from the inside – out! 

I created this Full Moon Meditation video to simply be a support: a point of focus if you would like one, to hold the space for a 15-minute meditation.  The accompanying music is beautiful and was created with a strong loving intention to support meditative space.  The images are a beautiful compilation of the light of nature and when gazed upon can evoke one’s own inner light source and connection with Nature. 

You can use this video with your eyes open gazing at the images or keeping your eyes closed and just allowing the music to carry you deeper into your own journey. 

Enjoy and may we all be In Peace.

Music by: Rara Avis:  www.raraavismusic.com  & www.yogitunes.com

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