“What is Astrology?” ~ Video

In this video I attempt to tackle one of the most misunderstood, misinterpreted, and demonised practises out there – ASTROLOGY.  What is it? and How does it work? I cant say I actually completely succeeded in answering those age old mystery questions, however here I share what my perspective and understanding is.

  • Dating back to 12,000 years Astrology is one of the most Ancient and wide spread practices still used today. 
  • It is a tool for Self-awareness
  • It is a “Map of the Soul”
  • We use it to track the energy patterns on Earth and within the Planetary Cylces
  • “As above so below”
  • Astrology is the study of the relationship between the motion of the planetary bodies- and how this effects life on earth. 
  • Like all of the esoteric studies, its validity of actually having an effect on Life on Earth has been denied for as long as it has been known
  • Having vision, foresight, and gnosis has been condemned as evil and labeled sorcery, magic, and worse.
  • It is outside of the parameters of “The Science of Man”. 
  • Quantum physic recognises that objects can and do influence other objects that are far away through forces not yet fully understood by experts.
  • Astrology interprets the Spirit of Time.
  • Astrologers are looking to the qualities of character – as defined mainly through the 4 elements of Nature – Fire, Air, Earth and Water
  • Within each one of the signs there is contained a special attribute or a skill of harnessing the power of the element – and thus the greatness of oneself, and in contrast each contains as well its own shadow aspect or way to self-destruction.
  • Many people are unaware of so much of there own potential because it just simply has not been nurtured or reflected back to them, still it exist within. 
  • In its purest form Astrology is not about being used for predicting the future or anything else. Its for offering an interpretation of energetic patterns and themes that are influencing us. 
  • A birth chart is a snapshot of the sky at the moment of birth capturing the precise location of each planet. To the Astrologer each of these planetary positions has meaning and a very specific expression of Nature.
  • Astrology lends belief to the reality that one is an expression of that particular energy signature of The Time of Birth. 
  • We create our reality within the given potential of the blueprint we have chosen. 



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