Week of the Waxing New Moon.

 We are in for a very catalytic week!

As we’re now moving through the first few days after the New Moon, heading towards the First Quarter Moon this coming weekend, the “new theme” that this cycle is very much about is RELEASING. I

n Pisces, it’s often about letting go of some of the oldest, deepest, and longest-held patterns (think – lifetimes and ancestors). This process naturally calls for SURRENDER, into the void, into the unknown, and into the possibilities of a new life on the other side.

Here in this Pisces cycle, we’ve reached a natural end – the end of the zodiac, the stage in our own psyches where we can sense we’ve outgrown certain aspects of ourselves and that soon there will be a (re)birth. Soon the Aries energy will burst through the dark womb and new life, fresh identity, and inspiration will be ripe and in active pursuit.

For now, the work is in the surrender. Surrendering to let go where you know in your heart it is necessary. Surrendering to enter into new territory that you know in your heart will serve and support you. Surrendering to release aspects of the “old self” no longer necessary to carry forward. Surrendering to allow the greater, truer, authentic self to come forth.

Over the next few days as the Moon joins the Game-changer Revolutionary Rebel of the sky (Uranus). Expect SHIFTS. Prepare for AWAKENED moments of recognition and insight. Uranus represents SEPARATION from all that is not in alignment with your most unique true self. This is a time to honor your genius and play with your creative self!

Amazing things are being born from out of the Dark Womb of Pisces. However, as it always is with birth, we must ALLOW the process to happen, beyond our understanding and in surrender to the unknown and the pure and powerful potential of life force energy herself that is in co-creation moving with us.

By the end of this week as Mars joins the “Destiny” symbol of the zodiac (once every two years) we shall certainly see some real changes being ushered into our lives and powerful future-oriented opportunities manifesting.

Many people are going through so much! Remember to be gentle, be kind, and be compassionate with yourself and others as we are all in this together.

Take the time to create supportive, warm, and nurturing space for your process to happen. The shedding takes so much strength and birth takes courage.

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