Waning Moon at 14º 51’ Capricorn Apr 4-10, 2021 Member’s Report

As we arrive at the 3rd Quarter Moon phase of the Waning Lunar Cycle, we meet at a crossroads on the journey. It is here at the mid-point between last week’s Full Moon and next week’s New Moon that we enter for a moment a pause in the timeline. Which way will you go? Which path will you choose?

Take a breath, be still, look around, reflect on where you are and what you see. Things are changing quickly these days. Life is moving steadily forward. For many new beginnings are rapidly evolving into new identities and new directions in our lives.

We have been unraveling self-images and old patterns, letting go of the past and making peace with the losses.

This coming next week is a time where you have the opportunity to shift perspective from out of all that was experienced over the past three weeks (in the building/waxing phase) and redirect your focus towards integrating the knowledge attained from what you have learned about yourself.
What seeds of wisdom have you gained? Sink in for a minute

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, ground, reflect, and allow the process to inform you.

By next weekend we will be entering the Dark Moon phase, and it’s there that we step into the void of the dark unknown as what will come with the following new cycle remains in the mystery. But it’s what we do now in this week that prepares us for how we will arrive at that new-seed moment. What will you bring to the table

, so to speak? Or in other words, how fertile or nourishing will the soil that you plant your new seeds in next week be? The efforts of this week shall determine that.

Mercury moves into Aries today, moving at lightning speed as it will only remain in this sign for an unusually short duration of fifteen days.

I have a feeling these next two weeks are going to go by quickly, as Mercury is already the planet that represents our mind processes operating at a mile a minute!
Aries is fiery and ready to stand up and fight for what it believes in. We might not be able to hold our tongues these days and may come to regret some things that just seemed to fly right out of our mouths! Watch out for those flying word-daggers, and be careful not to cause irreparable damage! Mercury in Aries is like a medieval bar brawl where one wrong thing is said, and everyone jumps in swinging!

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