MANIFEST ~ Taurus/Scorpio Blend


Vikara “Manifest” Blend is powerfully activated by the energies of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which took place on April 25, 2013 (in the Western Hemisphere). This blend was created during the Eclipse time and placed out on a bed of crystals in Miron Glass during the daylight hours under the Sun, and throughout the night sky beneath the Full Moon, to be infused by the planetary energies. (As beneficial natural light passes through Miron Glass it enhances what is contained inside.)

“Manifest” blend is about tapping into Abun-Dance ~ the plentiful Life giving Dance of the Universe.
This was and is a very powerful time of Manifesting, Releasing, Expanding, and Receiving. Life is truly abundant with opportunity, possibility, and resources for all. WE are truly abundant and infinite in nature.

The purpose and intention of this blend is to assist in connecting with our Infinite abundant nature within. To connect with the powerfully supporting Cosmic energies available at all times ready to be harnessed upon to create more; greater alignment with our hearts desire and greater alignment with our Dreams, Goals, and Intentions for our life.

Manifest blend embodies the essence and quality of Support to enhance and strengthen your focus on Manifesting your intentions, Releasing what is complete, Expanding to allow more, and Receiving what is yours to have. It is about surrendering to, and claiming the act, and gift, of “Having.”

Contains a perfect combination of Juniper, Cypress, Rose, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Vetiver, Calendula (Marigold).

The Manifest Blend is a wonderful tool to use during an intentional meditation to call in the Power of Abundance and bask in its expansiveness and Joy. 

Crafted with LOVE ♥

  • Juniper – Oil of Protection, Purification & Healing
  • Cyprus – Oil of Motion & Flow, letting go of the past. 
  • Rose – Oil of Divine Love
  • Clary Sage – Oil of Clarity and Vision
  • Frankincense – Oil of Truth “invites to let go of lower vibrations” 
  • Vetiver – Oil of Centering, Grounding and Rooting
  • Calendula – Oil of Dreaming and Timing – the Calendula flower turns its face to the sun moving through out the day like a clock. 


Vikara Cosmic Synergy Blends
1 oz Miron Glass Bottle Mist



The Planetary Alignments of this time:

During the time of the Eclipse Full Moon we had the Sun, Mars, Venus and the S. Node (Karmic Past) in Taurus, opposing the Full Moon, Saturn and the N.Node (The Collective Destiny) in Scorpio. The message has much to do with releasing the old paradigms of relationship dynamics and welcoming in the new balanced heart centered way of existing in relationship to all that is.
Also adding to the abundance of powerful cosmic energy flooding in was Uranus and Jupiter forming the “Finger of God” aspect with the Eclipse in the exact center point of the “Finger of God” aspect. This speaks very much about allowing the old thought patterns to fall away and accepting in a more expanded vision of our truth, potential and Destiny.
All of these alignments are abundantly rich with potential for manifestation, releasing, receiving, and literally tapping into the essential quality of Abundance, which is actually an ascended state of being. To BE IN a state of Abundance requires a pure spiritual attunement and alignment with the Heart and the Oneness of our nature and all that is.

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