INTUIT ~ Gemini/Sagittarius Blend



Vikara “Intuit” blend was intentionally created to delicately assist in guiding one further into the subtle realms created by the circuit of the Heart Mind connection, to harness the Intuitive Wisdom therein and further develop connection with our True Selves, as Beings made up of light and energy perceived into form.


We know already what and who we are, and are now coming full circle from having forgotten to now remembering, through the process of intuiting what is Truth. Truth has a very high vibration and frequency and when we tune in to it we can feel that, and it nourishes us.  And when we tune in to what is not true we can feel that low vibration and frequency which depletes our Spirit.

“Intuit” blend offers support on this path of remembering and tuning in to the Spirit within you.

The astrological alignments of this time powerfully support this process of Expansion out into the cosmos in search for the truth of our roots. Going beyond the conditioning and discovering the Natural Laws and Principles, that which governs our existence.  We are learning about the mind of God/Goddess and discovering our likeness to it.

The “Vikara INTUIT Blend” was created during the May 24, 2013, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and place out on a bed of crystals in Miron Glass throughout the precise timing of the Eclipse, under the night sky, to be infused by the planetary energies. (As beneficial natural light passes through Miron Glass it enhances what is contained inside.) This Eclipse was the 3rd of three Eclipse’s during April and May, and ushered in a strong shift in energy, which concluded the Eclipse cycle period of this season. Eclipse’s are window’s of opportunity, where strong new energies are coming in and that which is being released goes out.


Contains a perfect combination of Vanilla, Rose, Myrrh, Clary Sage, Orange, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Clove and Lavender.

  • Vanilla – Oil of Confidence, aphrodisiac
  • Rose – Oil of Divine Love
  • Myrrh – Oil of Mother Earth; supports feeling safe and secure
  • Clary Sage – Oil of Clarity and Vision – assisting in changing perspective; gives courage to see the Truth
  • Orange – Oil of Abundance – supports positive moods, fosters creativity, teaches the true meaning of Abundance
  • Sandalwood – Oil of Sacred Devotion, assists in the mind to hear the guidance of Spirit
  • Vetiver – Oil of Centering, Grounding and Rooting
  • Clove – Oil of Boundaries; supports letting go of victim mentality, patterns of self-betrayal and codependency
  • Lavender – Oil of Communication; aids verbal expression, calms insecurities


Crafted with Love.

Vikara Cosmic Synergy Blends

1 oz Miron Glass Bottle Mist

INTUIT Gemini/Sagittarius Blend


During the Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse of May 24, 2013, there where many of us who gathered, dancing out under the Moon light with others dancing, and shining bright like stars their light, and illuminated Spirit, and radiant heart.  In our individual selves we experienced oneness, and merged, and communed with the essence of The Divine, as we experienced it in nature and each other. Full and magnificent, abundant, and expansive we are.

In this Full Moon time we were ever in touch with that intuitive knowing, that insight, and that perception; that of the spiritual depth that exist within our Hearts.

We are seeing and learning through most fascinating ways that we are not totally confined to our bodies, yet we contract ourselves to fit into the human body to have the experience of Spirit in Form.  Which is precisely what we are, and what this powerful Lunar Eclipse time and Full Moon is speaking to us “Celebrate, Shine, and Expand.”

As human beings we live in two dimensions simultaneously – the 3rd and 4th dimension.  The 3rd dimension being the physical three dimensional reality where we perceive boundaries, and the 4th dimension being the non-physical realm where boundaries are disolved and we see reality holistically   More and more people are becoming acutely aware and in conscious contact with 4th dimensional reality.  We are naturally psychic, intuitive, emotionally, and energetically sensitive creatures.

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