IMAGINE – Virgo/Pisces blend

receiveIMAGINE” ~ is our latest Vikara Cosmic Synergy Blends and completes the creation of encapsulating all 12 of the Astrological signs!! From beginning this “creation project” back in March we have been journeying through the Zodiac asking and receiving like a prayer the Wisdom Nature has for us. 

This blend is all about assisting us and being a catalyst in the process of deepening our connection to our true potential as Spiritual Beings fully connected to the Heart.  This is a true “heart blend” and powerfully embodies the essence’s of Compassion, Divine Love, Acceptance, and Oneness or Unity of Self & Spirit and all.

“Imagine” supports in the way of living intentionally as a prayer.  Being mindful of ones creative process as something which is never “turned off”, but always in an active movement of creation.  Our lives are always unfolding as we think, feel, and become from each moment to the next.  

“Imagine” powerfully activates and supports a deeper connection with being in touch with what we truly, deeply want to create our lives to be from the Heart, and into our most desired Dreams. 

Made with a perfect combination of Wild Orange, Geranium, Tangerine, Sandalwood, Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Bergamot, Clove, Ginger, Patchouli, Frankincense

  • Orange – Oil of Joy and Positivity
  • Sandalwood – Oil of Sacred Devotion, assists in the mind to hear the guidance of Spirit
  • Clove – Oil of Boundaries; supports letting go of victim mentality, patterns of self-betrayal and codependency
  • Bergamot – Oil of Self Acceptance
  • Geranium – Oil of Love and Trust
  • Ginger – Oil of Empowerment
  • Patchouli – Oil of Physicality; supports becoming fully present in body
  • Rose – Oil of Divine Love
  • Frankincense – Oil of Truth “invites to let go of lower vibrations” 
  • Tangerine – Oil of Cheer and Creativity

Crafted with Love.

The “Vikara Imagine Blend” was created during the September 19, 2013, Full Moon  and place out on a bed of crystals in Miron Glass  under the night sky, to be infused by the planetary energies. (As beneficial natural light passes through Miron Glass it enhances what is contained inside.)


Vikara Cosmic Synergy Blends

1 oz Miron Glass Bottle Mist

IMAGINE  Virgo/Pisces  Blend



The Astrological influences at the time of creation of “Imagine” –  Pisces Full Moon – September 19, 2013

This Full Moon time is about really facing “Reality”, while having the Willingness and Faith to Imagine more. To Imagine into manifestation the Dreams we are Inspired to create and to Live. TO LOVE Bigger AND Fullerthrough this intensified round of “cleaning up the mess” we are in.

She is reminding us with the essence of her illumined light body how WE need to embody True Love and Unconditional Love in the face of our deepest pains, our worst mistakes, and our dangerous weaknesses.

It is the true – “Test of Time”. The test of Love.

We know all we need to . We have all the answers within. Its now time that we must actively participate in Creation. Stop all the distraction with pain and surrender into the Dream of Love, which is Real waiting to be Lived.

We have surely been moving mountains within ourselves and now its time to celebrate the amazing journey and the new frontier before us!
Our “work” is not over, there are still many new developments to be constructed, however this Moon time is a time of reprise to bask in the Divine Love, Inspiration, and Joy radiating down to Earth.
She asks that we allow ourselves to be enveloped by it, absorb it, become it, know it and reflect it back out!

Radiate your Love Light and Shine! Oneness  


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