GRATITUDE ~ Leo/Aquarius Blend

VikaraGratitudeVikara Cosmic Synergy Blend ~ “Gratitude”

– was formulated under the Full Moon in Aquarius opposite Jupiter, Lilith, and Mercury all joined with the Sun in Leo. This is a powerful influence of the consciousness of Communicating the Truth of our Hearts.

– Aquarius guides us towards our Hopes and Dreams and the Allies who we collaborate with along the way. Aquarius speaks of the journey of linking our Purpose to serve the good of all and the Wisdom that Life is a process of Co-creation.

– In Leo we are fully realized through Self-Love and Adoration. Here we are free to be all that we are and Shine in the truth of our individual Light.

We are Beautiful and Magnificent each in our own specific, unique and brilliant purpose and Destiny. We are each glorious stars, like the Sun the center of our own Universe, feeding Life Force into the collective whole of THE Universe.

We have so much to be Grateful for! For the gifts of Life and companionship that is constantly available. Our Bodies are the Temples of God. Balance and Wholeness comes from the love and appreciation of our Selves. When we stand centered and rooted in this way the next progression (shown through Virgo and Pisces) is true Compassion, Unity, and Manifestation of one Self.

Leo and Aquarius stand for “The Gifted” and “The Gift.”

“Gratitude” Blend – Supports connection to appreciation and heart centered presence.

Crafted with Love.

Vikara Cosmic Synergy Blends ~ “GRATITUDE”

1 oz Miron Glass Bottle Mist



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