BALANCE ~ Aries/Libra Blend


This blend was created on March 26th/27th 2013, beneath the Full Moon in Libra.  During this time, we had Venus, The Sun, Uranus and Mars all very tight together in Aries, opposite the Moon.

In essence, the influence of this time had much to do with realizing our deepest desires, and meeting with the powerful forces outside of ourselves, as well as inside ourselves, that stand as obstacles, barriers, or challenges to actualizing our most personal self.

This blend embodies the essence of the Peaceful Warrior.  Courageous, determined and focused towards attaining ones personal desire and experiencing oneself through the instinctual impulsive expression from the heart. Used intentionally it can assist you to deepen your awareness of your own desires, and illuminate the path of balanced expression to reflect upon others. 

It holds the message: To allow for the experience of the Love in your own heart to wash over you, creating balance in yourself. 

The “Vikara Balance Blend” was created during the March 26, 2013, Full Moon  and place out on a bed of crystals in Miron Glass  under the night sky, to be infused by the planetary energies. (As beneficial natural light passes through Miron Glass it enhances what is contained inside.)

Aries is largely about desire. Aries represents the un-conscious Ego that is desiring to know itself through experiencing itself.   It expresses the instinctual, impulsive act to go towards what we are drawn to; what we desire.   Through following our impulses and instincts we play in the process of elimination, realizing who we are, and who we are not by experiencing our desire.   Aries by nature is focused primarily on oneself and that which motivates oneself.  It has a “one track mind”, and is very much about “its goal”, “its battle” and “its side” of the story.  It is focused, determined and motivated to succeed on its mission. It must have freedom to be.

Libra is about “the other”.  The experience of including, being influenced by, and compromising for the other.  Its focus is about balancing the extreme self centered nature of the ego.  Through the reflective experience of mirroring one another, or being mirrored back who we are, perspective is gained, and self-awareness is heightened. Libra can become overwhelmed by to much perspective and outer influence and thus become out of touch with there own true desires.  They can be indecisive and have a hard time committing to one goal.  Libra desires peace, and harmony, and connection. It aims to resolve conflict.

The polarity of Aries and Libra compliment each other and serve each other to create Harmony in a dualistic world.  To bring Balance to the extreme nature of Life, and support to the individualizing process of each our own personal journey.  They represent the center point of Me vs. You.


This blend is beneficial for anyone seeking to attune more deeply with ones desire and create harmony in co-creation with others.

“BALANCE BLEND” contains a perfect combination of Grapefruit, Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Rose, Vetiver, Basil.  

  • Grapefruit – Oil of Honoring the Body
  • Orange – Oil of Joy and Positivity
  • Clove – Oil of Boundaries – letting go of victim mentality
  • Cinnamon – Oil of Sexual Harmony, supports body acceptance
  • Rose – Oil of Divine Love
  • Vetiver – Oil of Centering, Grounding and Rooting
  • Basil – Oil of Renewal, supports addiction recovery, strengthens heart and mind

Crafted with Love. 


Vikara Cosmic Synergy Blends

1 oz Miron Glass Bottle Mist

BALANCE Aries/Libra Blend


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