Venus Retrograde ~ “Whats Love & Money got to do with it?”

Once about every year and a half for an average of 40 days Venus ~ the Goddess of Love and Connection goes Retrograde.

Symbolically this is a time of turning inward.  A time when we reflect deeper upon the inner relationship with Self.

Consciously (or unconsciously) events, circumstances, and people will usher this in and the theme will be about “What are we in a relationship with?” and “What is the quality of these connections?”


In her most natural expression, Venus is the archetype of the Muse.  She inspires, loves, and enchants with beauty, sensuality, pleasure, and enjoyment of the physical and metaphysical realms.

She values connection and the alchemy of union, but also the independence necessary to be free to create life as the artists’ canvas she sees it as.

When Retrograde she is in the shadow of herself ~ the Dark Bride.  She is her sister-self ~ Persephone, the Queen Alchemist of the Underworld and the Bride of Hades.

Persephone’s terrain is that of the darker realms were all that dwells in the “dark unknown” lives, and buried – secrets, passions, and pains reside.

Her companion Hades is the polarity to all she is and reflects back to her, her very own dualistic nature.

Here (particularly during this Scorpio cycle) we are facing our “buried selves.” In hopes to reclaim and breathe new life into aspects of self that have been hungry to live.  And, there are some things that are better left to rest in peace.  This is a time of Reckoning.  

When Venus is retrograde it is a time of navigating through the depths of ourselves like we are on a 40-day quest to re-discover the hidden, forgotten, and abandon aspects of Self.  

Retrogrades are about re-assessing, re-doing, and remembering.  They are opportunities to go back and potentially “do over” what was done or unfinished from the past. 

Do not be surprised during Venus Retrograde if you are to meet up again with “old” friends, lovers or partnerships of the past, or perhaps the confrontation of personal-self- comes through “old” relationship patterns around love, partnership, commitment, and intimacy.  

For any event in life, there is always what could be looked at as a “Trinity of Time” –

  1. That which comes before the event, which is often preparation (conscious or not).
  2. Then there is the time of the actual event.
  3. And then the adjustment or transition phase into the next.

When we are talking about planetary transits the periods before and after a Retrograde cycle are called the “shadow phase.”  During the first shadow period, the planet is moving through degrees of the zodiac that it will come back over when it begins its retrograde cycle and it will pass over again those degrees during the last “shadow” phase of the cycle.

In short, during a retrograde cycle, the planet will pass over the same degrees three times, going back and forth.  We can see the symbolic momentum towards “going back to”, and “remembering and redoing.”  It is a time that the cosmos are telling us “oops, I think you forgot something!” 


The actual timing of the Venus Retrograde is from October 5th, 2018 – November 15th.  But the shadow begins on September 3rd and is complete by December 19th.

This is nearly 15 weeks of a deep Scorpionic journey of facing the raw truth.  It is an enforced self-reflective period where the nature of your relationship dynamics must be addressed.  The main focus now is largely upon our relationships to money, power, and love.  Is there anything else?!

Venus comes as the Muse to initiate us into the Love found within ourselves and others.  Through cultivating clear boundaries, staying true to yourself, exercising self-loving choices and establishing patterns of personal success we can create a world that operates upon much higher standards of integrity, honor, and love than we have as yet.  

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love

It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.

What the world needs now is love, sweet love No, not just for some but for everyone.”

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