Uranus Transiting Taurus

The “Taurus Suns” have entered a very special chapter of their lives. Where Uranus – the “Game Changer” “Awakener” “Revolutionary” – is going to be in a direct merging with your Sun – the “Identity” and the sense of drive that guides us seamlessly toward our purpose.

A healthy identity with Self is crucial to our vitality and capacity to thrive in life.

When Uranus comes to the Sun in your chart

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, it’s an Initiation into activating your True Self, and an alignment with your Soul Purpose and Creative Expression.

This is the process and the Rite of Passage that is serving the Taurus Souls at this time.

Uranus works through the mechanisms of “shedding the skins of the past” letting go of the “known” and stepping into the “unknown” and embracing a Revolution of Self. 
Rebellion is a powerful archetype of Uranus. To be free

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During this transit

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, the Taurus Souls will be some of the most powerful forces in leading this movement of the Rising of the Feminine. 
As they deepen and own their own connection with the Venus/Goddess energies within, and stand courageously in their voices to be a part of the Revolution of the Divine Feminine Awakening in consciousness that is happening.

This cycle of Uranus transiting through Taurus goes from May 2018 – April 2026. During this 8 year period

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, there will be one particular year for you, where the essence of this transit will be at its peak of influence, depending on what degree is your Sun in Taurus.

Look to your chart to find out your Sun degree in Taurus or consult and astrologer. 

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