Turning over a New Leaf!

17722400_s-300x242October 4th Quarter Moon in Cancer ~  LET IT GO!

We Are Beginning a New Chapter in Our Lives!

This week is all about rooting into what nurtures us. But first we need to get clear about what does not!  We’ve all been doing this quite intensely for a while now with the passing Venus Retrograde cycle and now the current Mercury Retrograde, and of course the massive Eclipse Month of September!!

So, for now this week at the mid-point between this past powerful Full Moon Eclipse and next weeks New Moon we are at the crossroads, which means – clear space, liberate from the “stuff” – let it go!

  • Take some time this week to clear the objects in your space that do not have specific significance in your life and are not meaningful to you.  Why do you have those certain pictures or paintings on your walls that you do?  What do they mean to you? What messages are they conveying? What are the images saying?  Freedom, independence, loneliness, war, chaos, beauty.  What other stuff is hanging around and what is it for?  Does it really support your dreams??
  • Symbols and images convey a subliminal message whether we realize it or not.  Each day we are in our homes we are influenced by our surroundings. Messages are constantly being sent to our sub-conscious.
  • Our homes ideally are the one place were we can create a haven to retreat into and peacefully rest and nurture ourselves.
  • Its important to surround ourselves with things that nurture our intentions, dreams, and goals. 

Though we may enjoy holding on to things that have sentimental value to remind us of days past, it is really not necessary to carry the weight of objects that no longer support and serve our current life intentions, goals, and dreams.

This reminds me of the countless stories of people who gave it all up to start afresh – inspired and liberated.

Take the time this week to notice what is sharing the space with you, and what kind of energy is projecting from the stuff you choose to hold on to.  

Objects that are connected to past relationships or times in our lives that no longer serve our current reality can be released and passed on with gratitude and with recognition of our growth and who we now are.

Celebrate and embrace the fresh new perspective and nourishment born out of the clarity of “clear space” and see your inspirations begin to flourish!  

We are the creator’s of our own story!!

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