This Weekend ~ Moon in Leo

Photo – Gianni Zanato

Moon moves out of the Watery – Cancer New Moon Eclipse energies today and into the Fiery, Playful sign of Leo. It will come as a welcomed relief from the past few weeks building intensities!  Leo says, “Take charge somewhere in your life that wants your attention and have fun while doing it!”

This current Eclipse New Moon time is ripe for planting your seed intentions. The light of the Moon will soon begin to grow and take our Dreams waxing with it into the Manifestation Phase with the next Full Moon Eclipse (on July 27th.)

We’re also still in the powerful Earth – Grand Trine aspect between Venus, Uranus, and Saturn.  This is a transit that holds the potential to assist in grounding in some necessary, positive, CHANGES & powerful Shifts in your life.

Think of ways to get CREATIVELY ORGANIZED this weekend and harness the power of the Eclipse Gateway.

By the end of the weekend, the Moon will move into the light of Virgo, calling us in to FOCUS our energies where it is most effective and come more deliberate in what it is we wish to create and live.  The beginning of the week will offer us a few days to “clear space” personally.   Virgo is at its best when it is nurturing, purifying, and creating a state of inner well-being.

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