The Rebel Moon ~ Full Moon in Aquarius

In genuine Aquarius fashion I feel compelled to burst the bubble of hype around the not so phenomenal occurrence of the “Blue Moon”.  Which simply refers to the occurrence of two full moons in one month.  It is rare as in – it only occurs about every three years or so, but the only reason it is noticed with a meaning at all in our society is because we have agreed with an idea that it is something of a “special” occurrence.  Another perspective, which is what I cant help to see, is that the only reason we have “two Full Moons in one month” is because we are using and basing our calendar of time on an artificially constructed pattern that was actually designed to pull us out of natural “time” and the natural cycles of nature.

We have been mislead for centuries by a system that was issued to bring us out of a natural synchronic order by those ruled at the hands of religious and political agendas.  It is clear we are in a time of chaos not harmony, which is in part a by product of a culture following a standard of artificial measure and being mislead by a false understanding of time.

When we follow the natural cycles and rhythms of nature – the cycles of The Seasons, The Moon, and Planets we give ourself the opportunity to align (or realign) with the natural order of time. 

Living in that way we begin to naturally flow in accordance with the harmonic rhythms of nature, and we naturally become like an instrument expressing a natural order.  We can reset our mind and body clocks and learn to be guided by Universal Time. This is the opposite of being in resistance to the natural flow of life and Natures Rhythms, which is currently the global civil standard. 

The most obvious example of this is the natural biological cycle of woman.  The menstrual cycle is most commonly a 28 day cycle.  Mirroring the Moon cycle ~ 13 Moons in each year.  The number 13 represents continuity like that of the spiral. It has been in many ancient cultures a Sacred number representing deep mystical wisdom. Yet to many still in this day it is feared and thought to be “bad luck” or worse associate with sorcery or evil.  And an even greater blasphemy is that even something as natural as woman’s menstrual cycle itself has been victimized upon with futile attempts to be oppressed, denied, cursed, and turned evil. 

Unfortunately it is innocent woman and girls who have had to bare the suffering of this gross ignorance of the denial of our Natural Rhythms and expressions of Nature.  And we know that what has been feared is the innate power within that is born out of being in alignment with the natural order of the Cosmos and Universal Time ~ that is our right. 

It is my hope and intention on this Aquarius Full Moon that our right to be in natural rhythm will eventually become the global civil standard.   

Yes, in the month of July 2015 we have seen two Full Moons, however the natural lunar cycle of 28 days is continuing on course as usual.  Nothing has changed there.  We are right in perfect harmony with the Phases of the Moon.  None the less, it is always a phenomenal experience to have the Full Moon shining in all its majestic luminosity above us!

Full Moon in Aquarius ~ Rebel Moon

partnersAquarius – is the Self of The Self. It is our own individuality and unique separateness.  Aquarius is the stage after Capricorn (where the Moon was full last month.) In Capricorn we are sensitive to society and how we might conform to better fit in; to have a position there.  After Aquarius comes Pisces and there we are ultra sensitive to the wholeness of it all, and how we are each utterly connected and All One and united. 

But in-between these two states of consciousness lies Aquarius and it is here that we are well aware of the whole, the community, the collective, AND we are particularly focused on how we each carry our own unique essence, that which separates us, and therein the potential to make a difference, to create change, and if necessary a revolution.  This is the moon of rebellion.

The Aquarius Moon shines bright to remind us that we are each here to revolutionize –ourselves. To shine in our creative uniqueness and be liberated in our differences. 

To seek within and see where change is necessary – to Be the change we want to see in the world. 

With the Moon Opposing 4 planets in Leo with Venus Retrograde squaring Saturn – we are so personally in the fires of our own selves and our most intimate relationship dynamics.  Our addictions, and compulsions, and obsessions are coming on strong to taunt and tease us with clear as day evidence of what we are dealing with. 

As the Full Moon shines bright the reality is being clearly spotlighted – who we each are individually does effect the whole like a ripple in the fabric of life. 

The Obstacles to Love is the bridge that Saturn and Venus create together. 

What will it take to get you to other side?  How much do you really want it?  What will you give in return for it?  Will you clean up your act?  Will you stop perpetuating the unhealthy patterns? Will you take responsibility?  Will you express your love and your true self? Will you go through the obstacles on the bridge to your own heart to find yourself or another? 

No true “Hero’s journey” is made without the confrontation of the symbolic “Dragon” – the creature of our spiritual initiations. 

For something given there is always something taken.   

What will you leave behind on the path as an offering, an amendment, a sacrifice to in return receive your deepest hopes, fullest dreams and hearts desire? 

For these are the treasures that await in the Heart of Hearts… that which we are each the keepers of. 

Blessings on the way.

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