Sun Sign in Libra Souls ~ September 22nd – October 22nd

Sun in Libra ~ I Relate

With your Sun in the Sign of “Others” and Partnerships, this is precisely where all that creative energy and life force of the Sun is focused.

The makings of partnership and the workings of other people’s lives will take colossal precedence in your life.

You were designed to relate, to reflect, to mirror, to connect.

Whether it be friends, coworkers, or lovers you will need to pay extra special attention to take caution not to get too lost in other people’s priorities where you may end up losing yourself in the worlds of others.

Your instinct and momentum naturally move out towards others.  To respond or react to the call or the need from another is strong.  It’s in your make up.  It’s what you are designed to do.  It is where you shine!

You are here as a Mirror and to be in Relationship as a powerful vehicle for your own self-reflection.   However, it is important to keep established the baseline that you do not need anyone to complete you.

Relationships are there only to serve to enhance your experience and to expand your consciousness further on your quest for self-awareness.


Your instinctual curiosity and desire to understand the vast diversity of life and people have granted you an impressive intelligence and broad perspective.

It is not uncommon for the Libra Soul, to carry an acute sense of empathy with people (or other beings) and psychological insight into the human drama.  They are natural therapist and psychologist, as they are always in a relationship of observing and studying the ways of others.

With Libra as your Great School of Life, the following will be some of your grandest teachers:


  • Co-dependencyIt is okay to be needed and to need from others.  Love loves to express in this way.  It is when we need at the expense of our self, sacrificing our genuine abilities along the way, that we lose sight of who we are.
  • Taking responsibility for ourselves is by far the greatest mission we have.
  • Balance & Fairness. What is fair and just in life has a lot to do with the quality of the give and take in life. What holds the highest value to you as life demands compromise? 
  • Beauty & Grace. Ruled by Venus, you are here to be beautiful! To play in the fields of all that is aesthetically pleasing and tantalizing to the senses and the mind. 


Libra is the sign of the Lovers.  And, as the Goddess Venus is,

you are created to L O V E!

When it comes to seeing the light in others, this is where you truly shine!  You will attract in very influential, powerful, and creative people in your lifetime.

 Remember – they are all just reflections of that magnificent light that you are!

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