Sun in Taurus

April 20th – May 20th.

Pleasure, Solitude, and Serenity take the stage. Anyone feeling like going into the cave? Minimizing distraction? Delighting in some simple pleasures and, slowing way down?! 
These desires hit me strong this weekend, and then I realized – “Oh, we have entered the season of Taurus.”

If you want to synchronize with Natures Rhythm, this is the suggested tone for this next Solar Month.

Enjoy being in stillness.

Taurus ushers in a desire for grounding, peace, serenity, stability, comfort, and calm surroundings. It’s a Solar Month focused on learning how to create inner peace through turning inward. 
We are supported to retreat; to go into the inner “Bear Cave” and meet with Self, get centered with Self, get rooted in Self.

Here we are reminded that we have personal needs and desires and that it is our responsibility to serve ourselves.

In Taurus, we’re guided to cultivate Self Reliance, to create boundaries and honor our own sacred space. Taurus desires to be free of distraction so that it can HEAR and FEEL its own Desire. 
From the cultivation of inner strength and resources, Taurus can come out of the cave and share all of its natural abundances.

Blessings <3

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