SUN In Sagittarius SOUL – November 22nd – December 21st

Sun in Sagittarius ~ The Quest

Life is a great adventure and you were born precisely for that!

Carrying the Heart of the Explorer and the Spirit of Fire, you have come to light up the world with your charisma, your impressive intelligence, and your bold personality.

Sagittarians don’t settle for less. In fact, with Jupiter their planet (the biggest in our solar system) combined with our mighty Sun, they have exactly the stuff that Kings/Queens are made of.


You are designed for a life of royal proportions.  The life of a Star – lived down here on Earth will be very interesting!

This is the sign that is most focused on the “Quest” . . . for more.  More knowledge, more discovery, more freedom.  More _____ (fill in the blank).  With Sagittarius, we are talking about an insatiable appetite.

It’s all about expansion. Ultimately, into the understanding of the phenomenal universe. There is no limit to how far-reaching the cosmos will lead.

The Archer aims its arrow in direct alignment with the goal.  But

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, the “goal” is everlasting, like a shifting target always there to attain.

For Sagittarians

, this is part of the fun of it – the chase.  The adventure and the journey lived to the fullest like the Greatest Game ever played – lived for the excitement – for the Joy of it.

This is the intention.

You are here to shine Light on the cup “half-FULL” – overflowing at times.



Intuition is your superpower and you are magically tapped into the Wisdom of the Sages.

How do you know what you know, Dear Sagittarius?  What journeys have granted you such knowledge and insight?

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