Spring Equinox!


First Quarter Moon at 01º 39’ Cancer ♋︎ | Mar 21, 2021 

The Equinox has arrived

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, and a new season now ushers in a fresh new light and perspective.

Birth is the tone, and we are each in its hour—a dance between the old self and the new self in the Mystery of it all.  The pains, the glory, the fright, the exhilaration, the confrontation with Life & Death. We birth in the form of new projects

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, realized dreams, new relationships, greater awareness. We birth ourselves.

How many different people can we be in a lifetime? How many expressions of self? How many lives can we live? The beauty is that there’s no answer! We simply get to live in the mystery and attempt to glean some discovery.

༶The bittersweet let go of the child’s babyface

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, if growth did not separate us…

The cycles and phases of death and rebirth are what give purpose to the process of living. Growth carries us with such determination for success! It can often feel like we are along for the ride! However, as Aries season comes around, we are reminded that we have the power. That we are the power, and we create. Aries has an insatiable instinct to experience one’s desires and interests.  Above all, Aries wants to have an experience of Self. That unique individual self within each one of us. Aries says, “I must do, and have, and experience.” Aries says, “I am.”

Today, tomorrow, the next day – change is the only true constant.༶Within all things born lives the memory of what has come before. Carried in the blood and bones, the Earth and Stars. The past, the present, the future it is all so alive in the moment. We are what we make of this life. We are life! Aries says, “Take the reins and go forth and experience life! “Take a risk. Be brave, find the courage. Face yourself. Face others. Aries is the Warrior, and in life, there is always a war to find peace with.

༶Now is a time for celebrating. The battles fought and won. The demons conquered. The love lost and gained. Life is not easy. As we go out on our own, we realize we are not alone. We share this world, and we are connected.༶The challenges await to strengthen you

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, and the victories are there to honor you. It is time to celebrate being alive!

Without recognition of our feats and accomplishments, without honoring the true rites of passage that we each experience as we move through the cycles and seasons of our own lives, we risk the imbalance and the toxicity that is born from an environment that is full of too much neglect and not enough appreciation.

Celebration is medicine! Honoring each other’s triumphant journeys is healing.༶Aries asks us to stop and physically and intentionally CONNECT with Life. 

Be loud, be bold, take action, leave a mark

, and for goodness’ sake, make some amazing memories!

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