Soul Purpose ~ Your Sun Sign

The Sun

The Sun is the symbol of how we FOCUS our deepest Soul Intention for this life.  It can be looked at as our will-power, or where we shine (or overshadow) most in life.  It is our definitive purpose.

To BE your Sun Sign is a great strength.  When someone is shining forth their highest quality of character we see Radiance and someone living in their power.

We all have free-will.  You can choose to emphasize the most shadowy traits of self, or you have the choice to actualize your most optimal path of living – which is to harness in on the greatness of all the potential that you carry within!

It is all therewithin.

Through the personality of our Sun, we attract in and face personal obstacles and challenges that we are most equipped to succeed at.

The character of your Sun gives you the exact tools you need to succeed in your Soul Purpose.


Sun in Aries ~ The Pioneer 

Sun in Aries ~ you shine like a Knighted Warrior standing fearlessly in the face of adventure, challenge, and risk.

Bravery is your nature and your gift.  Your strength of Will is admirable. You are bold, independent, and not afraid to walk away OR take a stand.   You are at your brightest when you have something or someone to fight for.  Standing up for “the rights” whether it be your own or the cause of someone else that moves you, is what gets your heart pumping.

You are the first to initiate necessary action, and if no one is joining you, you’ll go in alone.  You may not still be around when someone finally decides to catch up with you!

New beginnings, new adventures, the taste of what’s fresh and original is what excites you and inspires you.

Life, your life, is a discovery, and you are very clear about this being a significant part of your mission.

 Aries Sun is here to shine Light on the path of pioneering through life based on what you personally feel is important – for us all to witness how it’s done. 

It’s like being a spokesperson for independence, freedom of expression, and the liberty to act according to one’s desire.  

This, of course, needs to be managed with great maturity and responsibility, a strong sense of awareness of others, and a healthy desire to want to understand other people’s perspective.  Otherwise, you could go through life stepping on quite a few toes, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless you’re already out the door before you can take any responsibility for the damage done.

Carelessness and insensitivity are the lurking shadows for Aries.  This is the evolutionary growth path of Aries – to mature into a greater sense of self-awareness coupled with a sophisticated understanding and awareness of others.

The immature Aries fits the image perfectly of the bull in the China Shop.  Without any sense of grace, tact, or consciousness of the space around him, the Bull leaves behind a trail of destruction and all the beauty and peace is left broken.  This can include a long line of broken hearts.

Aries Sun is bright with inspiration.  This can manifest in the arts and film and any endeavor where a strong creative Will is essential.

Aries is also the sign of a healthy body and the physical strength and power to move mountains.  They are often very naturally athletic and have a strong instinctual nature.  With a very carnal appetite, Aries can have a strong sexual nature.

With the Sun in the sign of My Self, there is a physical stamina and creative fuel that is hard to beat. This is the sign of drives, ambition, motivation, and initiation and you Aries, have got plenty of all of that!

With the Sun positioned here you are getting a whole lot done in this life and you are here to Shine!  When you walk into a room, people notice you.  Your presence is bright and big and there is a light that people want to get just a little closer to.

With a big presence can come a big Ego.  There’s nothing wrong with Ego when it’s healthy and not wanting to tyrannize the space it lives in.  You are a born leader.

Remember the Sun is not actually a planet but a big fiery star ~ and that is what you are!

Sun in Taurus ~ The Bear Cave

With the Sun in the Sign of Personal Resources, you have a power source tapped into the realms of self-sufficiency and self-reliance.

You have a destiny of a kind of self-made sort.   Rich with capacity and natural talent of an ascetic nature, you are bound to make the best use of your resources and creating great works of art can come naturally and with a sense of ease for you.

This is a naturally Venus-ruled Sign, so sensuality is high in your character.  As well as, a strong sexual nature and connection to the physical body and all its senses.


Taurus is a sign of Worldly Pleasures and the physicality of life, and with a Sun in this territory, you are born to enjoy it!

Pleasure and comfort are high priorities and creating a life that is pleasant, peaceful, and personally pleasing is a must.

With a naturally self-contained nature, you will find that you have a natural inclination towards solitude and the desire to withdraw from outside influences and stimuli.

There is an instinctual need to simplify and to strengthen from within, and this is precisely where you will feel the most energized in life.

Your light shines brightest when you are left to do as you please without the disturbances of other people’s needs, values, or opinions interrupting your flow.

The phrase “what you see is what you get” was coined from this sign!  Trustworthy, reliable, and steadfast are common characteristics.

Though you are here to set an example of the strength to be self-content, self-reliant, and self-sufficient, you will find that your most significant needs are met when you allow yourself to share that which you are (and have) with those you love.

Sun in Gemini ~ I Communicate

With your Sun in Gemini, your intellect is on Fire!

Gemini is the sign of information, facts, opinions, labels, and all the various tracks the linear mind can follow.

This is the realm of the immediate environment and how we mentally integrate and interpret it all on a logical level.


With your Sun here, you are ultra-curious to “know” about many, many things!  There is a high emphasis on being engaged with life and the experiences of it.

You would characteristically be called a “people person” )however, that can vary depending on what house your Sun is in and the rest of your chart.)  None the less, you are here to shine a light on knowledge, and illuminate that path for others.

Simply put – you are a Teacher of some sort.  A messenger of information.  Like a reporter, or a broadcaster, or a writer, or an announcer – you are here to inform.

As a gatherer of information, you naturally embody a wealth of knowledge and can be a fascinating person by nature.  However, the shadow lurks in being “too talkative” too “know it all” or just too “busybody.”

Figuring out what to do with all that data and a mind on high speed is the great task.  Once you figure that one out (which you will) you can without a doubt be one of the most interesting, engaging, entertaining, and fun people to be around.

Sun in Cancer ~ The Center of Self

With your Sun in Cancer, you shine most when you are taking care of and nurturing life and those in it.

You have the Heart of the Great Mother, and you hold natural gifts of a pure sense of compassion and an indomitable strength of will to safeguard those you love.

It’s not easy to walk around with your heart on your sleeve, being super empathic and sensitive to everyone’s feelings!


However, this is the torch that you carry, and you will be a beacon of light in the night for many in need of shelter.

Be it a hug, a home, a meal, or a supportive conversation you are here to listen to the feelings of the heart, and witness the tears.

You, more than anyone, know that these tears are those that renew the life we live and strengthens the Soul within.

The grief, the sorrow, and the aching suffering we all carry are familiar allies of yours.  You are the one who knows ~ we are vulnerable and delicate and can be wounded easily.

You honor the pain we carry and the vulnerability that makes us human and gives us humility.


A skinned knee can come at any time, and you are the first one to drop what you are doing and tend to the need.

It is a mighty task to be the Servant of Emotions.  Often a thankless job.  Part of maturing into this great role of upholding the Light of the Mother is not to get bogged down by the weight of the heavy emotions.

Resentment, neediness, jealousy, selfishness, extreme insecurity, victimization, emotional manipulation – all make for a pretty weighty tapestry.


You are meant to show how it is to allow feelings to become you so that you can use your skills to transmute them into a more profound wisdom of self – that births out of you from your commitment to carrying them.

The Shadow of Cancer can be needing to be needed – need to take care of someone, and this can lead to smothering and being overbearing.  Immature Cancer is infamous for filling the room with a looming moodiness that makes everyone feel like they just entered the Bear Cave – at the wrong time.

Cancer is a Water Sign, and crying is one of Cancers most valuable tools.

Tears are like diamonds showing the magnificent beauty of the Soul that holds them.  And your soul, Dear Sensitive One,  is abundantly rich with a heart of diamonds.

Sun in Leo ~ A Ray of Sunshine

With the Sun in Leo, you were born to shine like a Bright Star!

Life-force, vitality, and creative inspiration are yours to behold in high doses.


You are here to captivate and awe with a sparkle in your eye and with contagious enthusiasm!


Your presence commands a witness and often an audience.

You’re naturally, powerfully magnetic and can “steal the show” with ease.  You must be mindful not to run away with it, leaving others left in the shadow of a spotlight always on you!

With so much light and natural talent comes responsibility.  You are a natural leader, and you can make history as a Great and Generous King/Queen, or on a bad day – a tyrant who keeps all the cake for oneself!


Be Kind.

You are here to fill that great big Lion Heart of yours with more and more love – and share it!

A fire burns in you and will serve to ignite and inspire so many people.

Inspiration and the motivation to create are your most excellent tools and will guide you into many joyous and adventurous experiences!


The caution of the Leo shadow is to fall into the traps of the inflated-ego.  Such as, seeking fame for fame’s sake, or needing (from an unbalanced place) to be witnessed, seen, and heard.

A greedy heart can be a very hostile heart – that is the deep wound of the Leo.  For some, it can be easy to become addicted to attention, recognition, and the need to be followed, loved, adored, admired, etc.

Remember, as the Sun – you are born to give life energy.


         Humility is Leo’s most significant asset to acquire.  Remembering that “specialness” is actually quite common – we are all special in our own ways.

Leo’s highest purpose is to bring more Love and Joy to the World and to be a powerful expression of one who is centered in the heart of true Self – as – Love.

This is your mission and your gift.

Sun in Virgo ~ Natural Order

With your Sun in the Sign of Service, Health, and Mentoring you are here with a compelling purpose to actualize your great skillset and to be of service to it.

Your Path is the Eternal Student and Inevitable Teacher.

Always learning and always seeking to perfect yourself and the skills you hold.  You are a perfectionist who sees the value in considerable attention given to the details of life and a job well done.

Like a great symphony – every nuance of sound counts and either compliments or diminishes the masterpiece.

You are the one who pays attention to the subtle essences of life, like the Conductor, whether it be sound, scent, taste, touch, or the look of something.

You are deeply connected to the Earth Element and have come with the power of the Sun to be the Earth Steward and care for our Mother Planet, as well as all life that dwells here.

Virgo is the quintessential Sensual Spirit, with a purity of heart and nature, and deeply connected to the senses.

Virgo is ruled by both the planet Mercury and the Earth.

Mercury is the power of the mind and intellect. It’s like you are plugged into the Earth receiving all her wisdom like an electric charge running up your spine, while Mercury takes your mind flying around the world and beyond!

The results of such a relationship is a unique and genuine intelligence.

You carry the Power of Sight.  As an Oracle, your gaze and perception can be penetrating and crystal clear.

Be kind.  Be honest. Be true. Be Sincere. Be forgiving.  Be gentle.  Be compassionate.

To yourself.

Choose your company well ~ in your mind, in your heart, in your body, in your space.  You’re sensitive.

You have come to reclaim the wholeness of your true nature and to live in the purity of your Divine Self.

You shine brightest when you are living authentically according to your own discretion.

Virgo is the symbol of the Maiden or Virgin Goddess.  She who is whole and pure within herself.  She who contains all and everything she needs and is the source of her own power ~ divine from within.  She who gives plentifully and receives equally in return ~ always full of the capacity to serve and to provide, essentially to oneself from oneself.


“I am the Great Giver.  I am the Great Receiver.”


Virgo has a particular affinity with food as a physical symbol of life force energy capable of giving nourishment and sustenance of life.  It is a direct avenue for our health and well-being.  When our Spirit is not in balance, our Body will indeed let us know.

You have come as a disciple to the teachings of ~ “Our Body is a temple, which houses our Spirit within.”

You are here to manifest your spirit into the world.  To make physical your divinity.


A spiritual being having a human experience.

Sun in Libra ~ I Relate

With your Sun in the Sign of “Others” and Partnerships, this is precisely where all that creative energy and life force of the Sun is focused.

The makings of partnership and the workings of other people’s lives will take colossal precedence in your life.

You were designed to relate, to reflect, to mirror, to connect.

Whether it be friends, coworkers, or lovers you will need to pay extra special attention to take caution not to get too lost in other people’s priorities where you may end up losing yourself in the worlds of others.

Your instinct and momentum naturally move out towards others.  To respond or react to the call or the need from another is strong.  It’s in your make up.  It’s what you are designed to do.  It is where you shine!

You are here as a Mirror and to be in Relationship as a powerful vehicle for your own self-reflection.   However, it is important to keep established the baseline that you do not need anyone to complete you.

Relationships are there only to serve to enhance your experience and to expand your consciousness further on your quest for self-awareness.


Your instinctual curiosity and desire to understand the vast diversity of life and people have granted you an impressive intelligence and broad perspective.

It is not uncommon for the Libra Soul, to carry an acute sense of empathy with people (or other beings) and psychological insight into the human drama.  They are natural therapist and psychologist, as they are always in a relationship of observing and studying the ways of others.

With Libra as your Great School of Life, the following will be some of your grandest teachers:


  • Co-dependency. It is okay to be needed and to need from others.  Love loves to express in this way.  It is when we need at the expense of our self, sacrificing our genuine abilities along the way, that we lose sight of who we are.
  • Taking responsibility for ourselves is by far the greatest mission we have.
  • Balance & Fairness. What is fair and just in life has a lot to do with the quality of the give and take in life. What holds the highest value to you as life demands compromise? 
  • Beauty & Grace. Ruled by Venus, you are here to be beautiful! To play in the fields of all that is aesthetically pleasing and tantalizing to the senses and the mind. 


Libra is the sign of the Lovers.  And, as the Goddess Venus is,

you are created to L O V E!

When it comes to seeing the light in others, this is where you truly shine!  You will attract in very influential, powerful, and creative people in your lifetime.

 Remember – they are all just reflections of that magnificent light that you are!


Sun in Scorpio ~ The Alchemist

With the life force energy and power of the Sun in the territory of the Underworld, you are here shining an intense light on the deep psyche.

You are here to illuminate the depth of life, that which is beneath the surface.  Like a Detective or a Revealer of hidden things, you have a way of exposing that which is buried, denied, repressed, or suppressed.

It is a gift to be able to see in the dark.  However, not a mission for the faint of heart!


You have come with the courage to peer straight into the Soul of Life and bear witness to the Truth.

Scorpio is the sign of the Alchemist and the Shamans Path.  It is a Course in Miracles.

The journey of transformation from Birth, to Death, to Rebirth, over and over again the cycle continues working its way throughout every aspect of our being.

Scorpio eagerly awaits each passage, seeking out the treasures within the journey and the wisdom to light the way.


Sun in Sagittarius ~ The Quest

Life is a great adventure and you were born precisely for that!

Carrying the Heart of the Explorer and the Spirit of Fire, you have come to light up the world with your charisma, your impressive intelligence, and your bold personality.

Sagittarians don’t settle for less. In fact, with Jupiter their planet (the biggest in our solar system) combined with our mighty Sun, they have exactly the stuff that Kings/Queens are made of.


You are designed for a life of royal proportions.  The life of a Star – lived down here on Earth will be very interesting!

This is the sign that is most focused on the “Quest” . . . for more.  More knowledge, more discovery, more freedom.  More _____ (fill in the blank).  With Sagittarius, we are talking about an insatiable appetite.

It’s all about expansion. Ultimately, into the understanding of the phenomenal universe. There is no limit to how far-reaching the cosmos will lead.

The Archer aims its arrow in direct alignment with the goal.  But, the “goal” is everlasting, like a shifting target always there to attain.

For Sagittarians, this is part of the fun of it – the chase.  The adventure and the journey lived to the fullest like the Greatest Game ever played – lived for the excitement – for the Joy of it.

This is the intention.

You are here to shine Light on the cup “half-FULL” – overflowing at times.



Intuition is your superpower and you are magically tapped into the Wisdom of the Sages.

How do you know what you know, Dear Sagittarius?  What journeys have granted you such knowledge and insight?

Sun in Capricorn ~ Wisdom of the Elders

With your Sun in the Sign of Career, you were born to shine in the area of the “Social Role” you choose.

You carry the light of the Provider.  This is the Archetype of the Divine Father/Masculine, the Ruler.  And, it does not matter if you are man or woman, you are one who protects and builds strong foundations upon which to support others. 


You come with the strengths of commitment, dedication, and a strong sense of duty towards taking responsibility and showing up in life where you are called to do so.

The Power to Get Things Done is yours!

With Sun in Capricorn, you are here to be a role model of achievement, of success, of “showing up.”

Keep your reputation polished, as you will be noticed. 

 People look to you to learn, to be guided, to be inspired.

This is the sign of Leadership, Responsibility, and Work.  There is where you shine.

It is here in Capricorn, that we learn to hone our skills on how to be the Guide.  How to serve something beyond just ourselves and to contribute to society.

When your life force energy pulses through this territory, you will attract in those that wish to be taken under your wing and you will mentor others seeking the skills to achieve.

You have what it takes.

There is a magnetism about you that radiates an air of success.  And many will be attracted towards your mature, grounded, and solid nature.

Sun in Aquarius ~ A Revolution 

Aquarius is the sign of creatively revolutionizing one’s life – to shift and change in the most creative direction necessary to fulfill one’s true calling – in each moment.

In Aquarius, we are guided to “shed the skins of the past” and release the bonds that bind us to an outdated life of yesterdays.

Being born with your Sun in this important sign of change means that you are here to live and to lead a path of ever advancing onward into the Future.  To NOT be held back.  To NOT allow society, family, or friends to define or confine you.

You are your own bright light and you are not here to dim your brilliance for anyone.  Your uniqueness, your innovativeness, and your courage – may make some people uncomfortable, but you are here to show others the way of being true to one’s self.

You shine most when you are supported to be free.  And in this light, you can serve to liberate others from their own shackles of conformity.

Aquarius supports excellence, skill, mastery, and genius.

Find your gifts and master them.  Find your stroke of genius and nurture it.  This is your purpose.

Let your light shine and illuminate the path for others!

Sun in Pisces ~ The Dreamer

With Sun in the sign of “All that Is” there can be a profound feeling of being connected to something greater than oneself.

A feeling of having a purpose that goes beyond the self and out into the world to serve the masses in some particular way.

However, this core feeling of being connected to ‘All That Is’ for some people can be quite overwhelming.

The Creative Potential of the vastness of creation is an immense portal to jump into.  Once in there, it’s easy to feel like it’s just much too BIG to handle.

But that is the very essence of the gift of it.  Being immersed in the Mystery and the Magic of it all, while surrendering to being but a mere drop in the Sea.  However, with no less value than the Great Sea herself.

Helplessness and feelings of being swallowed up in the deep sea of it all can over-shadow at times during the life.

The strength in this is to gain a sense of Humbleness and Faith.   Beyond reason and perceptual understanding – Miracles are always happening.  We are Guided.

We are Graced by a Living Spirit in All Things in All Ways.

Pisces exposes us to how much in life we have no control over.

 It is essential to develop a personal relationship and connection to Divine Power, Source, or God within, and to stay grounded and centered in the higher self. 

There can be a feeling deep within that questions one’s purpose and greatness – “What’s the point”?  Having the confidence to shine and to be somebody in the World can be heavily questioned.

This is all part of it.  Pisces is the stage where we release the Identity and dissolve into the Oneness of Life.

Where we take off the various garments of style and definition we have worn and stand naked.

The next stage is Rebirth, and as we know – born naked we all are.

Sun in Pisces can bring lessons around confidence and self-esteem ranging from the extremes of having an overinflated sense of self – to feeling quite insignificant in the vast scheme of things.  Extreme is the name of the game with Pisces.

From the Depths of the Sea – up to the Heavens ~ the pendulum swings.

It’s important to stay aligned with a personal purpose and one’s own sense of self to keep one afloat in a territory defined by the “Deep Sea.”

Tendencies to escape, avoid, or deny “reality” are the traps of this realm.

Although, with this placement, there is an innate mastery around being able to manifest your dreams and fantasies into reality and live them.  Be mindful, and heart-full, of your desires, for you carry the gift of the Visionary’s Eye ~  to be able to powerfully project your imagination into existence.

It’s essential to have compassion and awareness for the depth of your sensitivities and psychic and emotional receptivities.

Anchoring yourself in some Earth-based practices and activities to stay grounded is the key to manifesting all those infinite potentials that you are naturally tapped into.

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