Skeletons out of The Closets!

GaurdiansofSoulPartsTodays Fortune Cookie Message is all about clearing those skeletons out of the closets!

We are nearing the close of this months cycle which has been powerfully about facing the deep family/relationship “stuff” as well as work issues and all the deep foundational’s of our lives.  Those ones that are ideally supposed to give us a sense of support.

We’ve been moving through the Moon cycle of Capricorn.

Its currently ‘half-moon’ and this is ‘the cross-roads;’ the last week before the new cycle begins; a re-birth awaits, but now its about rolling up our sleeves and “taking out the trash” – in preparation. Its time to face the music, especially if its not sounding so pleasant.

Major eruptions and crisis have been the theme and many of us have felt pretty deep in it.  When the volcano is ready to blow there is no stopping it viagra online ohne rezept.  This is basically the case for much of the “stuff” that has been boiling under the surface in our lives or swept under the carpets.

The skeletons are coming out and really its best to just recognize they’ve openly joined the party, let them dance their dance, and show them the way out when its over. Otherwise, they will surely remain tucked not so silently away, disturbing our sleeping hours, and haunting our waking hours…

Capricorn demands ‘effort’, and taking responsibility is the only way. “Take charge and do whats necessary once and for all” is the cry. Chances are you know exactly what that is…

Currently Sun in Aquarius is illuminating the path and showing us some very clear signs of which way to go. Its up to us to pay attention to the clear messages and the awarenesses that are coming through; and then do something about them!

Times like this call for some deep cleansing. A serious purge in mind and emotion…

The Feng Shui ideally supported this week has so much to do with clearing the space with 

family and relationship issues.

Your relationships with work and money included.

Following are some practical Feng Shui suggestions to get the positive momentum going! 

• Replace or remove photos that no longer feel they feed good energy into your space or represent an aspect of your Spirit now.

• Get rid of old stuff gathering dust and weighing you down. Lighten up your space!

• Be prepared to have the outstanding conversations; wether you want it or not they are likely to be showing up this week.

• Set boundaries. Make commitments and stick to them!

• Create an altar space to hold symbolic things that you feel support you and the path you are on or want to take in your life (or reassess the altar you have.) Altars amplify your intentions.

• Visualize and set intentions around your work and money. What do you want your work to look like? What do you need to do to get there?

• There is a lot to do right now so be sure to take some time to nurture and support what truly nourishes your soul. Running on half empty will only create more of a drain!


After your space feels all refreshed and loved up just watch for the shifts and blessings that follow!

You will be all the more ready to move through the obstacles that may present themselves, having your Spirit now renewed from putting forth the positive effort to improve the quality of your life.

Blessings on the path.


Artwork by: Imelda Almqvist

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