Saturday, January 21st

New Moon in Aquarius

As the Sun and New Moon at the first degrees of Aquarius both just passed over Pluto at the end of Capricorn, this new initiative incubating has a lot to do with deeper core issues that likely have surfaced into greater awareness.  We are being guided to access greater personal power and self-awareness.  

The yearly meeting of the Sun with Pluto unearths hidden truths (and potentially deep personal confrontations) and with the New Moon joining the two, we are being escorted into the under-realms.  There is treasure there.  Return with it, and all will be right on course as we proceed now forward into the creative waxing phase of the Aquarius New Moon cycle.  

Some keywords for this lunar cycle are; vision, gaining perspective and clarity, releasing the past, progressing forward, rapid acceleration and growth, creative expansion, objective awareness, unity in diversity. 

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