Rites of Passage & the Moon Cycle

A rite of passage is an important event that marks the transition from one phase of life to another.

Something that happens in the life that carries us, and in affect transitions us, into new awareness and new life roles.  

Rites of Passage are situations like Birth, Marriage, Sickness, Death, Divorce, New/End of job, New Home, Beginnings/Endings of friendships or family relationships, great successes/great losses, etc.  

When we honor these passages and events in our lives it can greatly impact the quality of our lives and add to living in a more meaningful and fulfilling way.

We can grow gracefully, from one phase of maturity to the next, through our Transitions

These experiences initiate us into meeting with a deeper aspect of who we are. 

As the Great Joseph Campbell said ~ It is “The Hero’s Journey.” 

We are continuously being Initiated by the Spirit of Life through challenges, ordeals, obstacles, heartbreaks, and various powerful “Tests” of who we are.  

It is the Test of Time and marks our character. 

To go through an initiation is to be asked to go through a series of experiences and to pass the “tests” along the way that will transition you onto the next phase or course of Your Life.  

In essence, these experiences (or initiations) will show you who you are in relationship to your life.  

“Pass or Fail” is not always so evident in the moment.  It is mostly about how much responsibility you are taking and how much willingness to accept and contribute of yourself in the highest degree possible. 

When we live with this awareness of the transitional nature of our lives and the cyclical pattern of the phases that we all live through, we are given the opportunity to be intentional with the Rite of Passage moments we are experiencing – to be aware that we are indeed going through something. 

We can learn to recognize “the tests” and harness in on all the potential power and guidance available to assist us through life’s transitions.   By observing:

  1. I am going through a major shift or change.
  2. Therefore, emotions will surface, I will need to release the old and embrace the unknown of what may be coming.

With this awareness, we can consciously cultivate the essences of the energies we want to carry and walk through life with.  

  1. Acceptance of the Process.
  2. Willingness to be Present and honoring what is showing up.
  3. Courage to step into the unknown.
  4. Authenticity to be true to oneself.

By being intentional through consciously honoring what is happening in the moment

, and creating ceremonies around our Rites of Passage (with ourselves or in the community) we can contribute to creating more supportive outcomes for the whole of Life. 

Being aware of the 4 Phases of the Moon cycle is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to access guidance and to recognize your own personal Rites of Passage playing out in the phases of your own life. 

  1. The New Moon marks a New Beginning – a release and an opening for new seeds planted.
  2. First Quarter Half Moon marks a Crossroads – a moment of reflection to make adjustments in the “growing process of the seed.”  It is an assessment of action of what one is doing.
  3. The Full Moon is a peak of energy, a fruition where the “seed idea” or project now comes to a point of fullness.  Much is illuminated during the Full Moon time and we are given the opportunity to SEE and to Celebrate what has come forth.
  4. The Last Quarter Half Moon is the next Crossroads period, where we now are given the space to reflect once again upon necessary adjustments before we meet with the next Dark Moon-New Moon time, soon coming.  This time is an assessment of consciousness of what is going on in our awareness around the “Seed.”

When we aim to align ourselves with the Natural Rhythms of Life we come to bear witness to the phenomenal synchronistic patterns at work in Life and in our own lives.  

We can come to a greater understanding of the Oneness and the Unity between all things.  

And the wonder and mystery of Timing can then begin to be received and perceived as an offering of support along the journey. 

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