Rites of Demeter

Celebration of Fertility

Honoring the relationship between Mother and Child

The Archetype of the Great Mother of Fertility lives within us all.  As women, we are designed to hold, incubate, nourish, and give birth.

The actual spark of creation happens within the dark fertile cradle of our Wombs ~ and Life comes forth.

SHE teaches us how to grow, how to cultivate the soil, and how to celebrate in the time of Harvest.  A cycle that continuously plays out in our own lives.

Growth ~ Creation ~ Celebration


Within the glorious Divine Mother Archetype, we also find the Wounded Mother Archetype.  In the mythological stories, it is foretold of a time when the Mother loses her creativity (her child) when it was stolen from her, she goes into a state of grief and despair and with all her power and might she turns on everything including herself.

Without the connection to her creativity, she is rendered barren cursing the world Soul with Winter.

In her separation from her own creative self, she becomes vengeful, uninspired, and dangerous.

It is not until she is able to regain her connection with her own creativity that she regains her essential power as the Giver of Life, Sustenance, and Nourishment and returns to her natural state of being the Bountiful Goddess of Inspiration in Service to Life.

Rites of Demeter

In the mythological story of Demeter’s search for her lost daughter, we find

  • The journey of the loss of the “child self – the Kore,” or our own creativity and innocence within.
  • The abduction by an outside force, that demands our freedom and innocence (the rape of our daughter/child-self).
  • The journey of Persephone (the daughter) down into the underworld, depicts our own inevitable plunge into the land of the dead (as we cycle through our own personal death and rebirth phases in our own lives.)  This also is an expression of how our own children and creative projects can be the very vehicles that usher us into our own shadows and personal Underworld.

It is the story of rebirth and the recognition of our immortal souls.  “In the same way that Persephone went down to the land of the dead and returned to that of the living each year, so would every human being die only to live again on another plane of existence or in another body.”

It is the story of transformation and the cyclical nature of life.


Currently, we as women, are in the cauldron of a World Revolution to liberate all beings from the suffering of living in bondage and separation from our own creative selves, expression, and source of Inspiration.

It is time.   

Honoring the Single Parenting Woman

To the Mothers, I am offering this service to those who are consciously working on their own alignment with prosperity, abundance, and freedom with the energy of “money” but do not in this moment feel that they have the financial resources available to afford the regular cost of an Astrological Reading.

My intention is to support and to be of service to the Mothers who are desiring guidance and a deeper connection with their own creative self and personal source of inspiration.

I also believe in the transformational power of giving and receiving from a space of Trust and Love.  Goodness, miracles, and powerful Inspiration are born from out of these exchanges of the Heart.

It is a co-creation and when women unite in co-creative ways forces beyond our imaginations are cultivated and magnificent things are born!

The Offering

If you are a Single Parenting Woman who feels financially challenged at this time, I graciously offer a full Astrological Reading on a Donation basis.

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I look forward to meeting you soon!

Love & Honor

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