Releasing with Compassion ~ March Eclipses

releasebutteflysNot only are we just in time for Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) but we are in what’s called “The Eclipse Season.” 

Currently at this half-moon phase we are smack in the middle of two powerful Eclipses!  Im sure your feeling the major shifts erupting thorough out your own life, and the surges of peaking intensity showing up in your experiences. 

One of the best ways to cope in times of major chaos and change is to take some time to clear space! 

It’s amazing how quickly the mind can clear and creativity can return, with just a little tidying up around your home.  And if your looking to raise the vibrations of your space even more there are many simple and easy ways to bring in the inspiration and a new fresh look on life! 

  • Try spritzing your home with a spray bottle of water with a few drops of essential oil in it.  It brings an immediate fresh and enhanced quality to the air.
  • Open the windows (if they are usually shut).  This is an instant way to cut through any old stagnant energy lingering around.
  • Light a natural candle (regular paraffin candles are full of toxins that release into the air).  The energy of Fire and candle light can not only inspire, but also create a powerfully uplifting energy in the space.   

I would say there is no better time than NOW for the complete over-haul!  This time is after all about a fresh new start.

However, if that sounds just too daunting for you with everything else that is going on in your life, then just take it one step at time.  Choose one section (or one drawer) in your space, and begin to tidy it up and let it go! 

Our homes should reflect our dreams and deepest desires! 

Ideally they are a sanctuary were we rest and replenish our body, mind and spirit.  I love to turn my space into a living affirmation supporting the greatest life I want to live!   But also I feel Feng Shui can be kept very simple to experience powerful and profound results. 

Everything is energy.  By now mostly everyone understands this.  Simply put – just make sure everything that is surrounding you in your home has good energy; that it feels good to you. 

Do those old photos or art work emit a good feeling energy when you look at them, or do they carry a memory that you would rather not consistently be reminded of?  The sub-conscious mind is powerful and symbols especially get into the sub-conscious leaving their imprints. 

Anything you are holding onto that provokes feelings of shame, or guilt, or major disappointment is not really worth hanging onto. 

~ Like that shirt you bought for the job you wanted so much but didn’t get, and every time you see it your heart clenches just a little!

~ Or that beautiful vase from your X (fill in the blank) that just reminds you of a life you will never have again. 

The golden rule to a powerfully energized space is if you don’t love it, need it, or use it – Let it go!!

The current Astrology of March and the Eclipses

A few of the most powerful energies of the moment have to do with a strong emphasis on healing the deep wounds within our lives, our relationships and our relationship to ourself – and Life itself.  

Eclipse times move the veils aside, and reveal and expose the most important issues, often that which has been deeply buried. 

For many the relationship issues are often so deep that communication and resolution actually in person with the people is not possible.  Finding a center of understanding even with the ones most closest to us can be often not possible.  We are all so diverse in our perspectives and understanding of life, and we all have very deep wounds effecting our judgement and the way we see things.  This is just life.

  • One of the most powerfully effective and healing ways to find peace and resolution is through the ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho’o ponopono.  It is basically about reconciliation through taking self-responsibility. 
  1. Im sorry.
  2. Please forgive me.
  3. I love you.
  4. Thank you.

By repeating these four high vibrational phrases over and over, instead of letting the monkey mind go on and on, the quality of your own state of mind and well-being can be greatly balanced, and as a result – purified from the negative effects of the conflict.  There are many great books out there on the topic, but essentially you need to experience it for yourself to feel the benefits. 

Create a Shrine! 

Build a little (or big) altar space to honor the one’s you love, even the one’s you are not able to be in touch with anymore. Put photos or symbols that remind you of the people, and things that are important to you, and take the time to stop and give it love each day!  Say your apologies, give gratitude, and have compassion towards these people.  The peace and healing you will create within will benefit all around you. 

Your life is about your experience and the energy we put out there reaches far and wide.  Regardless of what others are doing, your place and actions in the World make a difference. 

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