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$349.00 ~ Soul Map Book (hard copy) including a 75-minute Personal Reading (live/Zoom meeting). When purchasing the hard copy of the Soul Map you will automatically receive the eBook version for free.

$269.00  ~ eBook Version Soul Map including a 75-minute Personal Astrology Reading (live/Zoom Meeting). (Does not include the hard copy version).

The Personal Astrological Reading is a deeply soulful interpretation of your birth chart including soul patterns,  highest potentials, and possible shadow elements, ancestral lineage/karmic patterns, relationship dynamics, emotional and mental predispositions, with a primary focus on your most significant soul intention and the evolutionary path of your soul in this lifetime.

A thorough Cycles and Transit Reading for the current and upcoming time is included.  

You will come to clearly understand your own cycles and phases that you are currently experiencing (including past and future cycles) and how in the whole scheme of your life they are unfolding and contributing to the evolution of your consciousness and your own personal growth.

Note on the eBook

By popular demand, I’ve decided to make the Soul Map available as an eBook option!  I’ve decided to do this as a convenience for those who would prefer it, however, I recommend choosing the physical version as the book was designed to not only be a container of valuable information but also a work of art with an authentic and even “aged” feel to it.

The book is special in its physical design as it is enriched with various types of quality paper which differentiates the sections of the book.  With all eBooks, there is a loss of the actual essence that can only be found when holding in your hands a good book! With all that said, I have formulated the eBook to be enjoyable in its presentation and all of the same information is contained as in the hard copy version.

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Soul Purpose Reading

This is a live personal astrology reading (Zoom meeting) where we explore deeper into all of the archetypes/symbols of your Birth Chart focusing specifically on aligning with your core soul intent and purpose in this life.

  • There are many layers of revelation that may come through this process including insights into ancestral connection/karma, money, love relationships, community/society, etc.
  • We will look deeply into the planetary cycles and phases and how they contribute to the timing of your soul evolution and the actualizing of your soul purpose.
  • Your own personalized astrological journal/”Birthday Book” the “Soul Map” is included.


” ♥  Jessica is so fluent in the language of the heavenly bodies, how they support us and invite us to grow. I am continually amazed at the depth and perspective she brings. Thank you, Jessica. You are such a blessing. With each reading, I have a greater understanding of how to best manifest my destiny. Exciting! Thank you, Jessica!” 

Elizabeth Reynolds, California


The “Soul Map” is a personalized astrology book based on the symbols of your own birth chart. There are over 75 pages of powerfully insightful astrological information and detailed specifics all about you and your soul journey.

It is like having a personalized soul map that one can refer to for years to come.


Gisele Bundchen ~ Super Model “My curiosity about astrology started in my teens and I have been studying it for years. Over the last 20 years, I have had my chart done by many astrologers.  Recently, I had my soul map done by Jessica and I was impressed on how deeply detailed her charts were yet she conveys the messages simply. I absolutely loved it and asked her to do the soul maps for friends and family members so they could also have this incredible information. Thank you, Jessica!”


The Personalized Astrology “Soul Map” Book includes over 75 pages of deeply personal soulful information.


  • In the book, I interpret 27 symbols of your birth chart (in House and Sign) with soulful, inspiring, transformational insights.

For example: what does it mean to have Sun in the sign of Virgo or in the 7th House? Or, what does it mean to have Moon in the sign of Leo or Moon the 10th House? etc.  (Note: this report does not include descriptions of the planetary aspects. It focuses solely on the house and sign positions of each of the planets in your chart.)

  • As a special addition to the book, I have included the “Time Map & Time Tracking” section, which explains the most important and meaningful planetary transits and cycles that we experience throughout our lives, including the specific ages in life that we go through each of these cycles.
  • “Your Soul Time Line” is a section that fully covers the most important Soul Themes of YOUR Life including the specific dates throughout your life that these themes are activated.  


“I found the Soul Map to be very accessible for all readers (versed on astrology or not), easy to follow through and at the same time full of invitations for reflection, introspection and deep insight for the reader. I loved the aesthetics, the cover painting!!!! the fonts, the drawings, the papers you used. I can definitely see the love you are putting on it!!!” ~ Laura Lescher

“I purchased this book as a gift to my nephew not knowing quite what to expect. My book arrived yesterday and I was blown away. You can see the time, effort, energy and love that was poured into this project. I was so impressed that I look forward to giving these books as birthday gifts.”

Denise Fitch ~
5 out of 5 stars Apr 11, 2017 (on Etsy Store)


Included in the Personalized Book:

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  • A deeply soulful report explaining the meanings of each of the symbols in your birth chart, focusing on your greatest potential and soul purpose in this life.  Each description provides a concise and even poetic interpretation of the energetic dynamics within your own psyche so that you may be able to understand and connect more clearly with them within your own self-experience.
  • Suggestions and insights on how to access your highest potentials and remedy the shadow aspects of self.
  • A beautiful lotus mandala image of your own personal birth chart.
  • Fully detailed descriptions of the meanings of the archetypes of the planets, signs, and houses of astrology.
  • As a special addition to the book, I have included the “Time Map & Time Tracking” section, which explains the most important and meaningful planetary transits and cycles that we are affected by throughout our lives, including the specific ages in life that we experience each of these cycles.

“Your Soul Time Line” is a section that fully explores the most important Soul Themes of Your Life – and the specific dates throughout your life that these themes are activated (as seen through the transit of Pluto.)  Included are suggestions and insights on how to make the best of these passages in your life. 

  • I list for you:

    1. The specific dates – according to your personal birth chart, for the shifting of these themes.
    2. How long each cycle is occurring for in your life; the specific time frame in years.
    3. And what specifically they are all about.

    This section is very much about the evolutionary intention of your soul.


This book is entirely written and handcrafted by myself.  It embodies the heart and soul of who I am and my beautiful journey with the Cosmos! 
I have been fortunate to have had a truly magical path with Astrology that has taken me all over the world – training and working with some of the most amazing people in this field!

From the Amazon jungles of Peru, and Brazil, to the White Lion Reservation of Timbavati – South Africa, to Kerala India, England, Hawaii, California, and Sedona, USA.

It has been a profoundly sacred path, and the essence of what I have gained and have been gifted through my connection with these Celestial and Earth energies can be found within the pages of this book.

It is my wish and my intent, that through this book and the deeply personal insights I offer, you may receive a greater sense of self-knowing and connection with your own divinity… that you are healed, uplifted, inspired, and can go forward on your beautiful soul path with greater clarity, love, and light. ~ with love, Jessica


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