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Your recorded 1.5-hour reading, done in person, over the phone, or by video (using Skype), will use your astrological birth chart to answer questions that you have regarding any aspect of your life.  Your chart is a virtual blueprint of your soul journey.   From them, we will see why each of you are here, and how this relationship best serves your continued evolution.  Both of your charts as well as a composite chart of your relationship will be used for the reading.

In order to process and schedule your reading as quickly and easily as possible, please include all of the following information in the Customer note section of your order:

1. All your contact and location information including your full name and phone number for any last minute changes.

2.  The time, date, and place of birth of both individuals

3.  You’re Skype name if applicable. If not, please look for a contact invite to the email address you use on your order.

4.  After your order is complete, you will receive a response within 1 to 2 days to schedule your reading. Please provide any background/questions you would like Jessica to focus on prior to your reading in the comments box provided during your scheduling process.

(please be sure to email birthdate, time and place for each person)

(sliding scale options are available ~ please contact me with your circumstance)

1 review for Relationship & Family Reading

  1. jessica

    Lucy Bremner – Sunflower Retreats – Italy
    “We recently had a Family Reading created by Jessica Bourque and it was amazing. Jessica is highly intuitive and the way she interpretes your astrological charts is very unique. I now have a deeper & better understanding about myself, partner, and kids, and our special connection in this life to each other, also an understanding of our previous lives with each other 🙂 Its helped me see more clearly that the stars ( astrological positions of the planets in our charts ) are like a map to the self and by having a better understanding the planetary influences at the point of your birth can be extremely enlightening and helpful in regards to the relationship with yourself and others.

    I would encourage everyone to have a reading with Jessica, she is gifted in her field.”

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