Follow Up-Cycles & Transit Consultation


$125.00 Follow Up Cycles and Transits Reading (Returning Clients)


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This reading is offered and valuable if you have already had a full Personal Astrological Reading with Jessica and are looking to go deeper into a specific area, or if you have had a full reading already and are interested to know what particular cycles you are now in and what is coming up. 

The Astrological Birth Chart contains an endless wealth of information about the development and life path of an individual.   Astrologers use Birth Charts to continuously and endlessly gather more information and insight into our ever-evolving life experiences.

The Birth Chart itself is an Evolving Force reflecting the individual.

Astrology is the Study of Cycles.

As we are continuously moving and cycling through time, our life experiences are also continuously changing and being affected in ever-shifting ways, as mirrored and reflected in the constant motion and cycling of the planets.

As the planets move through space their effects upon us shift and change in their influence upon us.  The Birth Chart reveals the course as they move through the various signs, and as they move through various angular relationships between each other.

We can witness this movement in relation to our own lives by observing where in our life any particular planet is directing its energy upon us, as shown in the Birth Chart.

Self Awareness is the greatest offering of the Birth Chart.     


* Your recorded one hour reading, done in person, over the phone, or by video (using Skype), will use your Astrological Birth Chart to answer questions that you have regarding any aspect of your life.

Your chart is a virtual blueprint of your soul journey.

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Follow-up, Series of 3 Consultations


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