Couture Astrology Mapping – 1-Year Personal Astrologer

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Hire Jessica for One Year Personal Astrologer


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Imagine having your own personal astrologer for a whole year!

This gives you premium access to Jessica as she guides you through your life bringing you awareness and insight into key times throughout the year.  This is the best way to optimize your time and stay one step ahead of the major shifts and astrological energies and to understand how they are playing out in your own life.

You will be in touch through email, texts, and video calls.  A schedule will be designed that works best for both of you.

Imagine having an inside connection to consult with the Cosmic Conversations of the Universe in direct relationship to your life now! You can receive guidance on all your major decisions, relationships, etc.  What an incredible way to positively and effectively align with your destiny!!

Consulting with your own astrological chart gives you an opportunity to move more gracefully, with faith, and confidence that you are indeed on the right path and all is always in the most perfect timing for your life.

She will look specifically at all the New and Full Moons and how they are affecting your chart as well as the two major Eclipse Seasons throughout the year (these are always major growth times in life.)   She will also spend a considerable amount of time looking into the major transits and aspects that you are currently moving through and what themes are going to be activated in the near future.

Bonus: You will also receive the popular   “Soul Map ~ Personalized Astrology Birthday Book”! 




Abi Levine

What can I possibly say about this program that would begin to do it justice?!

Working with Jess over such an extended period, not only brought unbelievable clarity, peace of mind and heart, and relief, but it also gave me incredible confirmation about my soul path.

There were things that Jess was able to tell me about my past and future, and my destiny, that cut through the noise of doubt in my mind and allowed me to focus on moving forward in the direction of my purpose.

There is absolutely NO WAY that you can get everything you need from her in a session or two. I want her on retainer for the rest of my life! Not only for my soul mission purposes but also because she is able to use her intuition and knowledge of the planets and stars, to bring your comfort and clarity about what’s happening in the Cosmos that might be undoing the fabric of your reality. Sometimes, you just need someone who knows what’s up to tell you the everything is going to be okay.

Also, her accuracy is unparalleled. She has told me things that were going to happen that she had NO WAY of knowing, that I couldn’t see coming in a million years, that came to pass exactly as she predicted. DO IT DO IT DO IT! You’ll be so happy you did, and then you’ll do it again!



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