Calibrate – A 40-Day Transformation


A 6-Week Healing Immersion 


A 6-Week Healing Immersion ~ Upleveling Into Alignment With Your Soul Purpose

The Astrological Birth Chart holds the keys and the answers to the most personal and unique soul intentions and desires of your soul.

Why am I here? What is my great work? What are my shadows to face? What is my unique genius I am here to offer to life? Who are my Archetypal Guides and Mentors? What are the great treasures within that I have come to summon up and birth into this life?!

  • You have your own unique divine soul purpose.
  • You have come to resolve and release certain patterns and to nurture and honor specific ways and avenues of your life.
  • You have a unique destiny that calls you forward. 

These are some of the core outcomes to expect:

  • Owning your creative power and vision and knowing that you are on purpose.
  • Shift from overwhelm with day-to-day life and wondering if you’re heading in the right direction to knowing that every step that you take is a step in the journey of your soul mission and soul purpose.
  • Feel balanced, energized, and supported by your life.
  • You’ve healed resentments and fear blocks holding you back and made space to create a divine story to live into that lights you up!
  • You live in the flow of life and Cosmic Cycles and you have a clear direction on where you are going.
  • Release shame and judgment and give yourself permission to own the quirky and unique areas of yourself.

We are meant to have our greatness, creative potential, beauty, and divinity supported and reflected back to us!

This is what I am here to do with you.  In a safe and sacred container where you will feel the alignment with your own perfect soul timing for this transformation to take place.

To be recognized for who you are and to claim your brilliance, own it, and BE it, is a liberation for your soul and a deep heart healing.  In this time of the great shift into the Age of Light & Miracles – it is time for you! Welcome to the Age of Aquarius! ✨😍

I will assist you by opening the space for you to:

  1. Connect deeply with your soul purpose and center it in your heart to live your passion.
  2. Understand your own cycles and phases that you are currently experiencing (including past and future cycles) and how in the whole scheme of your life they are unfolding and contributing to the evolution of your own personal growth. It is basically about your own”soul timing.” These moments of important cycles represent very potent time frames where our growth is exponentially accelerated and life will always represent this back to us through personal experiences, events, etc (it’s basically like getting a heads up on the cycles and themes of your own life path).
  3. Release the stuck fear-based mindset of past traumas, family conditioning, and relationship patterns, and recreate your story to live your dream in peace.
  4. Clear out family drama and open the way for infinite receiving.

Here’s What You Will Receive: 

  • 6 x 90-minute consultations with me (one each week) where we will explore deeply through your Birth Chart your greatest soul lessons, desires, and intentions for the evolutionary growth of your soul. What are you here to do, be, and experience?!  We will explore deeply the cycles and timing of the major themes and passages of your life; with dates for reference.  (9 hours total)
  • Consistent email /messenger support throughout the 40 days (Monday – Friday.)

Extra Bonus Included:

#1. Your own PERSONALIZED Astrological “Soul Map” Birthday Book.  Click Here to read more about it.

Your Investment ~ $1,997.00

Please contact me to schedule @ 

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Abi Levine –

What can I possibly say about this program that would begin to do it justice?!

Working with Jess over such an extended period, not only brought unbelievable clarity, peace of mind and heart, and relief, but it also gave me incredible confirmation about my soul path.

There were things that Jess was able to tell me about my past and future, and my destiny, that cut through the noise of doubt in my mind and allowed me to focus on moving forward in the direction of my purpose.

There is absolutely NO WAY that you can get everything you need from her in a session or two. I want her on retainer for the rest of my life! Not only for my soul mission purposes but also because she is able to use her intuition and knowledge of the planets and stars, to bring your comfort and clarity about what’s happening in the Cosmos that might be undoing the fabric of your reality. Sometimes, you just need someone who knows what’s up to tell you the everything is going to be okay.

Also, her accuracy is unparalleled. She has told me things that were going to happen that she had NO WAY of knowing, that I couldn’t see coming in a million years, that came to pass exactly as she predicted. DO IT DO IT DO IT! You’ll be so happy you did, and then you’ll do it again!




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