Birth Chart Rectification (Time Unknown)


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(This report is for someone who does not know their time of birth)

  • The accuracy of one’s birth time is very important for a full and complete birth chart interpretation.  The time of birth determines the Ascendant (or Rising Sign) of the birth chart, as well as the placement of the planets in the houses.  The Ascendant is the sign that was rising (ie. on the horizon) at the time/place you were born.  The 12 Houses of the birth chart represent different areas of life experience and plays a key role in understanding who is involved in and where and when life events happen.
  • Birthchart rectification is a process where the time of birth is determined by gathering personal life information including specific dates of biographical significance and correlating the celestial events with the earthly events of one’s life.   
  • Please include the following information in a separate email to
1. Your birth date and place including “morning”, “middle of the night”, “before dinner” etc. if that is known. Please include your full name.
2.  A photograph of yourself.
3. The exact dates of important life events and experiences, ie: surgeries, accidents, promotions (honors/awards), marriages/divorces,  births/deaths of important relations, moves, etc.
Please include reference to any periods of time that you can recall that were significant, i.e; “During these years there was a lot of change,” or “It was a challenging period with family, friends, work, etc.,” or “It was a very confusing time without direction,” or “It was a very expansive time.”
4.  The answers to the following questions:
     a.  What was your childhood experience like?
     b.  Do you have any siblings?
     c.  What was your relationship with your mother, father, or whoever raised you like?
     d.  What was your parent’s relationship to each other like?
     e.  Did you have any religious conditioning?  If so, what?
     f.   What was the financial situation growing up?
     g.  What has been your primary focus and motivation, or issue ie: career, family, creativity, money, spiritual path, self-esteem?
     h.  What are some deep and/or reoccurring fears/challenges?
     i.  Is there a pattern of attracting a certain type of person and/or situation into your life?  In other words what types of people do you attract?
     j. What are some major current themes or events that are currently shaping your life?
Please be as thorough and concise as possible.  Thank you.
Once all this information is gathered and processed I will calculate your birth chart with the determined time, and explain to you how and why I came to that determination.

3 reviews for Birth Chart Rectification (Time Unknown)

  1. jessica

    “Thanks to you for the incredible work you did with my birth time rectification.
    It was a very profound experience for me…like a missing piece of my life that was found!
    Your wisdom, care, and sensitivity were really felt by me, and it was also clear that you spent a great deal of time in finding the right fit.
    I am truly grateful for meeting you, and for what you have given me.
    As it all settles in, it feels very very right.
    Thank You, Jessica….and I look forward to connecting with you again in the future.”

    With Gratitude and Love,
    Debbie Burton

  2. Heba Zay (verified owner)

    “I still can’t quite believe that Jessica has managed to nail down my most probable birth time. This is something I’ve been trying to find out for years, I’d exhausted all the conventional methods (tracking down documents, speaking to family members, etc) and had also tried birth chart rectification with other professionals, all to no avail.

    Jessica’s explanation of why she felt the new birth chart fit with my soul journey and how it correlated to key events, resonated on such a deep and psychological level I was actually quite blown away. I’m now very excited to use my new chart for a ‘follow-up transits & cycles’ reading.

    Embarking on a journey of self-discovery through astrology without knowledge of your birth time is extremely frustrating and I recommend anyone who has this particular challenge to look Jessica up. I’m so glad I did.

    I should also add that I really felt this task was undertaken with a genuine desire to offer guidance… outside of any professional obligation.

    Can’t recommend enough!”

  3. jessica

    “I came across Jessica’s website through a recommendation and straight away loved her offer.

    I appreciate her generosity, her free initial consultation was of great help and gave me a lot of guidance.

    I also needed to know the time of my birth as it’s not recorded anywhere. I had an intuition which was confirmed by Jessica.

    We spent time together going over the main aspects of the charts, Jessica patiently waited for me as I had to rearrange a gazillions times, yet she was ready with a smile and open heart.

    I am grateful for finally being sure of my time of birth, exact guidance from the stars and a new earth angel to me across the pond.” ~ Alex Vitillo

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