Pisces Season, Full Moon February 27th

With Venus and the Sun now in the sweet and wondrous energies of Pisces, a whole other realm of infinite potential has opened to us! Here we can soften a bit and surrender.  We can have faith that we will be held by seen or perhaps unseen forces.    

Pisces represents the womb space where dark and light are one. This is a solar month focused on releasing

, letting go, and SURRENDERING into the Mystery. We are supported to soften the EGO and allow INNOCENSE and childlike wonder and inspiration to take the stage.

In Pisces

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, you are guided to cultivate Compassion, Acceptance, and Unconditional Love ~ for self & others.  Soon the Equinox will raise us into a fresh new beginning.  For now, we are in the closing cycle of the Zodiac and therefore releasing in our own lives as well.

The Virgo Full Moon (the sign opposite Pisces) is all about grounding, stabilizing, and materializing the spirit into form.  Virgo helps us to make real our intentions and dreams and realize the infinite potentials and the divinity that lives and breathes within each one of us.  Through our bodies and our ability to think and take action, we can manage and make something of all these possibilities. 

The Virgo Full Moon comes in with strong guidance around taking action to clear space, tidy up, and discriminate when necessary around what’s influencing your personal environment and what it may need to function at its most optimal for the best and healthiest outcome.  Self-care is a must for not only survival but success. 

Virgo and Pisces also very much represent the Victim archetype and the pain and suffering of the human experience.  Try as you might to find your own center of peace as we are each in the eye of the storm in our own lives as we work to confront and resolve where we are in the epic chaos of this life experience.

The weekend of February 27th and the 28th, 2021 ~ Full Moon in Virgo

With the Virgo Full Moon opposite Venus on Saturday and then Neptune on Sunday, we have the opportunity to tap into some very delicious expansive deep and sensual energies within our relationships (either to self-and/or other).  Full Moon’s always represent a peak energy and potential experience so this weekend could go big in some way!

Be careful not to indulge to the point of no return in the pain body as our sensitivities will certainly be heightened under the rays of the Full Moon.  Rather seek to see the love beyond the pain and the light eager to shine through the cracks into the dark. 

Virgo and Pisces remind us that there is strength in vulnerability and the humility.  It takes courage to allow ourselves to be held in a compassionate embrace of innocence and childlike wonder as we try to make sense of so much that is just simply confusing and out of our control in many ways these days.

Virgo wants results and learns in the process that sometimes the best way to get there is to let down one’s guard and step out of the way so that the miracles awaiting to be witnessed can have the space to show up.   It’s about that fine balance of knowing when to do and when to stop and rest in the stillness (or chaos) and wait as life continues to happen and perhaps someone else does something in return.  

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