Pisces Full Moon & Mercury Retrograde this weekend!

 “Feeling is healing” is the mantra. Grief is a wave that moves through all of us, salting our wounds, as compassion keeps us afloat, lest we drown in the pain-body of life.

Full Moons have a way of bringing an intensity of energy to the forefront of our lives. With this week’s Full Moon in Pisces meeting Neptune

Whether you are on the brink of great accomplishment or facing significant setbacks or even loss, the magnitude can feel larger than life with the Pisces/Neptune combination. Full Moons illuminate fruition in the cycle (each our own cycles), usually on the external, social, or relationship level. Meaning – peak experiences with those around us can present as confrontations that reveal deeper inner conflicts that are ripe and ready to be resolved.

This is a time defined by healing through a process of deep introspection coupled with acceptance

The Pisces/Virgo Axis is a portal into the divine experience of being human. It is the interface between being a human in the confines of a body containing an infinite soul within. It is where we face ourselves and strive incessantly to be more, to be better, to be perfect. And where we must garner compassion and acceptance for the journey and the flaws, the mistakes, and the inadequacies that we experience along the way. We are human

Virgo is the place where we are defined by time and our actions and efforts, and Pisces reminds us to let go and surrender to the vast infinity that we are also a part of.

While we are now under the influence of seven retrograde planets (for the next few months), it is largely about slowing down, going inward, taking a breath, integrating and digesting your experiences, and getting present with what is and what has come. It’s about preparing for the future by being in the now, now!

One is the infamous Mercury (September 11 – October 1), known for throwing a wrench in our daily plans and devices, and one is the Rebel Warrior planet Mars which represents powerfully taking charge. Though Mars is not yet in its retrograde per se, we are already within the threshold of its remarkable influence. From August 20, 2022 – March 28, 2023, we will be in the Mars Retrograde Cycle.

Most of us have gotten quite used to the slippery slope of the Mercury Retrograde, but the Mars Retrograde only happens every two years and stays four times as long! This year it highlights its square aspect to Neptune for a long six-month duration. We are already in the throes of feeling these influences as the planets gradually move into place.

Some lessons and themes include high emotions, anger, boundaries, desires, passions, and sexuality. The dance between the Masculine and the Feminine is activated. Facing reality beyond the illusions and the delusions is where the courage lies. Becoming more conscious of your actions and desires and that of those around you is necessary. It is essentially a time of confronting the obstacles in the way of your dreams coming true, be it from within or without.

Blessings on your journey.

☾Sincerely, Jessica

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