October Calendar of Events

02 – Mercury Direct, Out of Retrograde!

This was an especially hectic and challenging Mercury Retrograde cycle for many! By October 17th we will be clear out of the shadow degrees and into fresh new territory.  As Mercury moves direct through Libra, then Scorpio, we can anticipate potentially clearer communication and understanding as we navigate deep relationship realms.  

08 – Pluto Direct in Capricorn 

This closes a five-month cycle of Pluto Retrograde.  With Pluto direct, we can begin to see outward manifestations of deep transformation.  Hard-earned personal inner work can now give way to powerful physical changes in your life!

09 – Full Moon in Aries

Powerful peak moments in relationships.  This is a fiery energy that initiates change where necessary and can come through conflict before the resolution. [Continue In Blog For Full Lunar Forecast]

12 – Mars in Gemini Squares Neptune in Pisces

This is a powerful aspect that progresses over the next five months. The Mars retrograde cycle heralds an impactful square between the two planets promising chaos and magic alike! This transit will test our temptations, our desires, our vitality, our boundaries, and our ability to act from noble, sacred, and integral intentions.  It’s wild energy that can tap both the magical and the divine as well as the profane and self-destructive. Have discretion with the risks you are willing to take. 

19Sun in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn

A desire to keep the peace with diplomacy and heart conflicts with an equal desire to progress by any means possible. 

20 Venus Square Pluto

Tough confrontations of the heart demand a change of perspective. This is an energy that asks “How can you expand in the way that you are seeing and perceiving a certain truth in your life?” Where is there room to grow and expand in your beliefs? In your heart? 

23Sun Enters Scorpio

Hail to the archetype of transformation, death, rebirth, and the raw truth!  Scorpio gets real and naked and exposed.  It is here that we bare our vulnerability and dare to show our true colors. 

Saturn Direct  

This is the close of its four-month retrograde cycle. We can now begin to feel some of the barriers and obstacles have been removed and it’s time to progress forward with the fruits of our labors more readily accessible.  

Venus Enters Scorpio

It’s all about intimacy, power, and resources.  This will highlight our relationships over the next month. 

25New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 

Eclipses are a major portal into powerful changes of direction in our lives.  Releasing the past and welcoming the new is the theme.  In two weeks, we will have the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  We have arrived to the Eclipse Season!  

30Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Bam!  This is a potent bi-annual aspect.  Mars only goes retrograde every two years and during this time has a powerful effect for seven months (through March 2023).  Mars is about externalized action manifesting deep desires – our instincts, our impulses, our ambition. When retrograde, outward action can slow down so that a deeper internal dialogue can come into focus.  Inner reflection and assessment of desires, needs, and motivations is what’s now being called for. 

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