New Moon, September 9th ~ Virgo

New Moons are always a time of release and entering into the unknown.  It is the Dark Phase.  We are asked to let go of what no longer serves us so that we can be free to embrace what will soon emerge out of the darkness – the new.

It is the Incubation Phase.  Seeds planted now will grow with the budding Moon nurtured by her increasing light.

The days preceding the New Moon are the Shedding and the week following is the Creative Building.

The days before the New Moon are an optimal time to clear your space ~ physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Honor, what has come and perhaps gone, give thanks for the gift of yet another completion of a cycle of Creation, Regeneration, and Renewal, and come prepared with your offering of Presence.

We are at the gates and once stepped through, New Light will begin to dawn.

The essence of the Virgo New Moon calls us to be present with the Body as one of the greatest resources we each have to make life happen, to actualize our dreams, and to manifest ourselves into the World.

Virgo’s Soul Intention is to come into harmony and alignment with a high state of well-being and wholeness.

The Virgo energy shows us the alchemy of Spirit and Mind.  It works by being actively engaged and contributing our energy and effort with the intention to make something greater and well.

It is the Medicine Woman, the Healer, the One who Sees.

And it all begins and is sustained by the Breath.  It’s within the Breath that Spirit moves.  In & out.  In each moment a constant giving and receiving of Life to Life.


Rooted in the Body, Virgo dances intimately with the Spirit, knowing that Faith, Trust, Surrendering to a Higher Power, and asking for Divine Guidance is an essential part of the work of Creation.

The Shadow side we can often see here, are a lack of presence in the body, negative self-talk, non-constructive criticism, martyrdom and victimhood, and a loss of faith or trust.

So, in this upcoming Virgo Lunar Cycle, we are being guided to pay attention to how our bodies communicate with us and how they truly are our vehicles through this life.

Up your practice of self-love, self-care, and own your right to be here and be healthy and healed in mind, body, and spirit.

The Archetype of Virgo is the Virgin Maiden – whole within herself.  She teaches us that it is our right to be empowered in the sovereignty of our self, that the true source of our power is never outside of us but is within and it is each our own duty and responsibility to nurture it in each Holy Moment we are given.

Virgo is a Mercury-ruled energy – the Messenger.  Here to communicate a message – to Speak Up.  She reminds us that our voice is sacred and powerful and holds the keys to our heart and soul.

And each time we have the courage to speak the truth in our hearts we are healing generations of suppression, repression, and depression of the Voice and the collective wound is being resolved.

Blessings on your journey.







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