New Moon in Pisces

Piscean/Neptune ~ Magical New Moon energies today! It’s the watery deep sea realms. It’s the Deep Mystery

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We live in a world of infinite potentiality. We are each so much greater than we know and even allow ourselves to be! We are walking energy generators plugged into the source energy of the Cosmos, with the most intelligent technology operating within our very own biology system!

Okay, here goes, a question with no answer – when are we going to wake up to this as a collective?!?

We are creators and each new moment comes out of the center of who we are being now! It takes a lot of conscious awareness to stay present and aligned with a higher frequency like that found in – Celebration

, Compassion, Appreciation, Gratitude, and Joy, where the output of what comes from those spaces are just miraculous, healing, and expansive.

Such is the task; to not get swallowed up in the mix of it all

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We are being guided to EXPAND and DARE TO GO BEYOND WHAT’S COZY! (Uranus just entered Taurus today (for 7 years) ruffling up our feathered pillows a bit.)

A new cycle begins today. Toss your seed intentions and desires into the river and trust the current will carry them to exactly the right place at the right time.

We are ending the Astrological Year around the entire Zodiac with this New Moon in Pisces (the last sign.)

It’s a time for CELEBRATION! To recognize how far we have come through the Spiral of Life. Be present in the acknowledgment of all that you have already achieved and today in these Pisces energies

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, allow your cup to flow over in celebration for all the million little successes that you already are!

Pisces is about BEING the LOVE that we ARE.

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