New Moon In Cancer ~ July 15th 2015

loveearthTouched by the Cancer New Moon here are some thoughts from the abstract watery realms of the Womb – the place of Cancer.

In short Cancer is much about “family” or those that are VERY close to us (in one way or another) and this is certainly a time where the dealings are at its peak with “Family Karma” & “Ancestral Karma”. It is “the bloodlines that bind us” to life it self, whether it be soul mates or kin, these are the people in our lives. 

AND Cancer is about Love.

With Saturn in its last few months in Scorpio we are all having to clean out the skeletons in the closets… and set them free…freeing our selves…

In this New Moon time It is about unearthing the Heart of who we are.   It is a Re-Birth and we are Midwifing our own Heart and Soul out into Life.  Untwisting and gently releasing where the umbilical cord has been strangling Life Force from entering and allowing The Power of the Heart to flow through.

And nourish ourselves again with the light of love. 

It is about reclaiming the authority over the Birth of Your-Self – as you live Life in each moment, from out of the hands of those that may wish to interfere with your own natural wisdom and process of how you are meant to come through the passage. 

Your Birth is Your experience.  Your Life is Your experience.  Your Death is Your experience.

Cancer Moon reminds us to be CARE-Full who has the keys to enter.

We are in the Birth Canal and the walls that surround us and that which awaits on the other side is our Fate, but Destiny is in our own hands in each breath, in each action, in each contribution we give to this birthing of Life we are all participating in. 

Its about choosing our actions (and surroundings) carefully guided from the Heart within – from this place we will begin to see the World creating from the Hearts Desire – and in that place be nourished and supported in Love. 

In the dark of the New Moon I kneel hands and feet sunk deep into the dark rich soil of the garden of my soul.

Surrounded by the purest of Dark – it is here I know that I will find the Light.

Seeking to find the Root; that which nourishes and sustains me; by which I thrive AND suffer through..

The HEART of who I am.

Birth and growth does not come without pain

Surrounded by myself; the weeds, the decaying, the neglected, along side the glorious flowering rainbows of colorful Life thriving in the Light of who I am.

Love expressed in all ways. 

Beneath the protective cover of the umbilicus, below this Garden of Life which grows out from it decorating me as I stand – the Heart radiates its golden glow feeding all that I am.   

Like a crystal cave hidden in the dark of life sustaining Life from within – the Heart is the umbilical cord sustaining Our life from within our Own Self.

We are each The Creative Wombs of Life birthing this world garden into existence.

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