New Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius is a revolutionary energy that ushers in radical change and asks us to be TRUE TO OURSELVES and teaches that when we are centered in the heart it will always be for the good of all. 
We need to lead by example that it is our right to be self-expressed as we choose to show up in our own divine individuality.

As we say Yes to ourselves and make choices in support of our own greatest vision and dream

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, as we go forward, we’re cultivating more love within and experiencing the impact of what more love in this world can create.

This is the mission of Aquarius – through each of us honoring and harnessing the inspiration of our own unique spark of light within

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, we become a healed, divinely expressed humanity as a whole.

Don’t underestimate the power of a loving heart! We know that the heart field radiates several feet beyond our body and has the potential to go even miles (through distance healing work and prayer.) 
We have the power to create the change we want in our world/s but it must first begin with a vision. We must see it and feel it into reality.

This is a month to envision and dream big! Go beyond everyone’s (and even your own) judgment, expectation, conditioning, disbelief, and critisism because Aquarius doesn’t give a fu**!! It has a revolution to lead!

*What in you is ready for a change? Asking to be released? 
*What new seed ideas or opportunities are birthing you into your future?
*Where are you being asked to take a stand and lead the revolution within your own life? To be brave, and bold, committed and focused on the vision so that you can see it through into manifestation?

“I Believe In the Good Things Coming”

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