New Moon at 16º Leo, August 8th

 Lion’s Gate Portal 

This week as we stand not only amid the Lion’s Gate Portal energies as well as the Leo New Moon, there’s also a powerful life-altering juncture of fierce confrontation upon us. For when Mars comes into a perfect mid-point alignment with the Moon’s Nodes, we stand to face ourselves in a way that can feel like the time has come to fight against the inner demons. To slay the self-sabotaging monsters

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The Skipped Step of Mars 

You see, Mars is all about the Self, dressed like a Warrior! Particularly the realization of self through the mechanism of the Ego/Identity – I want, I need, I get, I am.  

We need the Ego/Identity. It’s crucial and serves us well to move through this life in these bodies, experiencing our spirits within and without. It gives us definition, defines our desires, focuses our intentions. However, like with any human function; ego, emotion

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, in times when the planet Mars is activated, it’s a time where we are being guided to get the ego/identity in check, become more aware of unconscious desires running the show from the subconscious realms (what really motivates you?) , and finally, move into the fears and end the war against self.

Harness courage, tap into motivation, let passion move you, face your fear, embrace vulnerability, breakthrough your resistance to change, accept the growing pains. Peace awaits you.  

There is a fine line between the individual standing as one apart and separate from the whole and the fact that we are all one and connected, influencing and affecting each other in every choice and move we make. 

It’s a harmonic convergence of epic proportions this week! Participation is a must if you want to reap the rewards of the fresh slate waiting on the other side.

With Venus also opposite Neptune this week

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, we have the heightened opportunity to tap into the pure creative vastness that we exist within. This is the energy of the Muse, come to awaken the senses and inspire connection of the most fulfilling kind. So dance, play, enjoy and love your way through it! 

Pisces and Virgo represent the axis of spirit embodied – the human experience. It’s not easy being limited by boundaries and definitions, confined by the restrictions of body, mind, and emotions. And, yet what a blessing and divine gift it is to be alive and experiencing it all!! We are here to do what we can, do our best, and learn to surrender to life and all it takes and gives. Pain is a reminder that we are alive. 

Be mindful

, Virgo/Pisces loves a good crisis! And there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes it’s what it takes to really acknowledge and feel that something has come to a peak of intensity and needs to be changed and resolved. Sometimes it’s what it takes to move us into newfound territory into a higher consciousness that could not previously be accessed from within the limitation and stagnation.

Though we may feel like a mere grain of sand in the expanse of the great sea of it all, we each make up a part of the totality of what is. We are a collective humanity. I am; therefore, we are.

As the New Moon in Leo opens the Lion’s Gate Portalwhich is believed to be one of the luckiest times of the year for manifesting abundance, we begin a new cycle. Another potent moment in the Wheel of Life comes ’round to remind us that we have the power and the purpose as creative beings in this world to cycle through personal phases of death, rebirth, and renewal and be reborn into a greater sense of self. To be able to regenerate our life force, our bodies, and our spirits. To be able to open our hearts and reclaim lost aspects of self and to be able to live more fully alive in this life experience. 

Leo is all about self-realization of the highest order. To tap into divinity within. To be and to express inspiration, joy, love, and pure enthusiasm for life itself. This is why the Leos feel so special and always want to be seen because they are intimately in touch with being fully enlivened by these most delightful expressions! 

Leo teaches us about gratitude, appreciation, acknowledgment, generosity, and joy. We come to know what it is to be alive and purely thriving in life in these expressions.  

The Lion’s Gate is a time each year when the fixed star Sirius moves closer to Earth, rising over the eastern horizon and becoming more brightly visible. The Sirius star system is one of Earth’s nearest neighbors and is the 2nd brightest star in our sky. It is known as the “Spiritual Sun” and has been celebrated not just in modern new age circles but dating back thousands of years in ancient cultures and civilizations like the Dogon tribe of Africa, Sumer, and ancient Egypt.  

“Sirius’ alignment with Earth (also) coincides with the Orion constellation aligning perfectly with the Pyramids of Giza, creating a trinity of alignments which open the lion’s gate portal.” 

The Lion’s Gate marks a time of a high spiritual vibe. It is believed that planet Earth and its people are receiving an influx of waves of powerful mystical energy. Thus, the moment is ripe for the rapid acceleration of our spiritual growth and the continuing ascension process of humanity.  

Back in 2010, I had the honor of living amongst the White Lions in Timbavati, South Africa, as I journeyed on an astrological voyage amongst other astrologers, shamans, and teachers seeking to understand and connect more deeply with these monumental times of change we are living in. 

Linda Tucker is the founder of the White Lion reservation in Timbavati. Following are her words.  

Believe in the Light of Earth’s Creatures 

“Shamans, who see the fast-approaching future, believe our earth is on the brink of catastrophe because the actions of its human inhabitants have brought about critical instability. I concur with this thinking. There are causes, reasons, and consequences, the patterns of which are identifiable—if we simply open our eyes and our consciousness. To speak of lions “forewarning” implies that they bear a “consciousness.” I believe this to be so. Yet, rather than the ego-consciousness so familiar to humankind, I believe they carry the consciousness of the Original Source, the Creator identifiable with the solar Logos. Like the shamans of Africa, I accept that the White Lions are agents of light: Lions of God.

In this way, the words of the spirit master gradually became clear to me: “When man destroys the agents of light in this world, he freezes consciousness.” Humankind’s mismanagement of its planet, and the consequences of this mismanagement, have instilled fear on earth, and for a good reason.

The thought of an Ice Age of imminent apocalypse and global catastrophe is frightening in the extreme, yet the White Lions’ message is not to succumb to our fear. They are here as the symbol we might draw upon to overcome this fear—and change the consciousness that is heading us into devastation. As the symbol of the heart of humankind, they are here to teach us the power of being brave and truly lionhearted. We as a species can evolve – not only physically but ultimately also spiritually. We can overcome fear by summoning principles of courage, faith, and love. Love, in shamanic understanding, is faith in a divine presence. It is the knowledge that we are not alone, that we are all connected, we are all One.”

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