SUN In Sagittarius SOUL – November 22nd – December 21st

Sun in Sagittarius ~ The Quest Life is a great adventure and you were born precisely for that! Carrying the Heart of the Explorer and the Spirit of Fire, you have come to light up the world with your charisma, your impressive intelligence, and your bold personality. Sagittarians don’t settle for less. In fact, with Jupiter their planet (the biggest in our solar system) combined with our mighty Sun, they have exactly the stuff that Kings/Queens are made of.   You are designed for a life of royal proportions.  The life of a Star – lived down here on Earth will be very interesting! This is the sign that is most focused on the “Quest” . . . for more.  More knowledge, more discovery, more freedom.  More _____ (fill in the blank).  With Sagittarius, we are talking about an insatiable appetite. It’s all about expansion. Ultimately, into the understanding of the phenomenal universe. There is no limit to how far-reaching the cosmos will lead. The Archer aims its arrow in direct alignment with the goal. … Continue reading

Venus Retrograde ~ “Whats Love & Money got to do with it?”

Once about every year and a half for an average of 40 days Venus ~ the Goddess of Love and Connection goes Retrograde. Symbolically this is a time of turning inward.  A time when we reflect deeper upon the inner relationship with Self. Consciously (or unconsciously) events, circumstances, and people will usher this in and the theme will be about “What are we in a relationship with?” and “What is the quality of these connections?”   In her most natural expression, Venus is the archetype of the Muse.  She inspires, loves, and enchants with beauty, sensuality, pleasure, and enjoyment of the physical and metaphysical realms. She values connection and the alchemy of union, but also the independence necessary to be free to create life as the artists’ canvas she sees it as. When Retrograde she is in the shadow of herself ~ the Dark Bride.  She is her sister-self ~ Persephone, the Queen Alchemist of the Underworld and the Bride of Hades. Persephone’s terrain is that of the darker realms were all that dwells in the… Continue reading

Sun Sign in Libra Souls ~ September 22nd – October 22nd

Sun in Libra ~ I Relate

With your Sun in the Sign of “Others” and Partnerships, this is precisely where all that creative energy and life force of the Sun is focused.

The makings of partnership and the workings of other people’s lives will take colossal precedence in your life.

You were designed to relate, to reflect, to mirror, to connect.

Whether it be friends, coworkers, or lovers you will need to pay extra special attention to take caution not to get too lost in other people’s priorities where you may end up losing yourself in the worlds of others.

Your instinct and momentum naturally move out towards others.  To respond or react to the call or the need from another is strong.  It’s in your make up.  It’s what you are designed to do.  It is where you shine!

You are here as a Mirror and to be in Relationship as a powerful vehicle for your own self-reflection.   However, it is important to keep established the baseline that you do not need anyone to complete you.

Relationships are there only to serve to enhance your experience and to expand your consciousness further on your quest for self-awareness.


Your instinctual curiosity and desire to understand the vast diversity of life and people have granted you an impressive intelligence and broad perspective.

It is not uncommon for the Libra Soul, to carry an acute sense of empathy with people (or other beings) and psychological insight into the human drama.  They are natural therapist and psychologist, as they are always in a relationship of observing and studying the ways of others.

With Libra as your Great School of Life, the following will be some of your grandest teachers:


  • Co-dependencyIt is okay to be needed and to need from others.  Love loves to express in this way.  It is when we need at the expense of our self, sacrificing our genuine abilities along the way, that we lose sight of who we are.
  • Taking responsibility for ourselves is by far the greatest mission we have.
  • Balance & Fairness. What is fair and just in life has a lot to do with the quality of the give and take in life. What holds the highest value to you as life demands compromise? 
  • Beauty & Grace. Ruled by Venus, you are here to be beautiful! To play in the fields of all that is aesthetically pleasing and tantalizing to the senses and the mind. 


Libra is the sign of the Lovers.  And, as the Goddess Venus is,

you are created to L O V E!

When it comes to seeing the light in others, this is where you truly shine!  You will attract in very influential, powerful, and creative people in your lifetime.

 Remember – they are all just reflections of that magnificent light that you are!

Harvest Moon ~ September 24th, 2018

image by: aziz-acharki

Full Moon in Aries ~  Peaceful Warrior Moon

Chiron and Saturn are making powerful aspects during this Full Moon time.  Shining light on the necessity to face the wounds and heal, and to continue on the quest to regain more Love, Honor, and Well-being within our relationships and our overall connection to life.

We are in a powerfully “Karmic Cycle” through September and October as Mars, Venus, and Uranus are all involved in a Grand Cross with the Moons Nodes.

Radical Change, Personal Confrontation, and Revelation are the themes during this time as we prepare for the closing of 2018 where a major “Changing of the Guards” will occur with Jupiter beginning its new one year journey in November (in Sagittarius) and the Moon’s Nodes beginning their new eighteen-month cycle also in November (in Cancer/Capricorn) .


Over the next two weeks, as the Moon journeys through its waning cycle, we are guided to release and clear space for inspired new ways of being in relationship ~ with Life.


The New Moon in Libra will arrive next on October 8th, ushering in a wave of fresh perspective to ground our seed intentions of Balance and Harmony into.

Forward Momentum ~ Retrogrades Be Gone!

Feeling so much forward momentum with these changing tides of now having the “heavy retrograde phase” behind us.
And on the other side now of the past few months Mars retrograde time, which initiated quite a bit of internal upheaval and focuses on how we are or are not championing our own lives.

That was a journey that required a lot of personal reflection and facing our self-sabotaging and victim-hood minds.
So much healing! 

This Virgo Solar Month is holding space on a well set stage for grounding the seeds that have come from out of that deep purging and soul work.
Last Thursday, Saturn ~ the Grand Commander in Chief, and representer of “Time & this Worldly Experience”, has gone direct after five months retrograde. 

Green Light! It’s now time to Manifest yourself and make real the visions & dreams.

We’ve got the force of Nature behind us, guiding us, inspiring us.

Stand up, speak up, and Bless Up your life!  It’s Time.

New Moon, September 9th ~ Virgo

New Moons are always a time of release and entering into the unknown.  It is the Dark Phase.  We are asked to let go of what no longer serves us so that we can be free to embrace what will soon emerge out of the darkness – the new. It is the Incubation Phase.  Seeds planted now will grow with the budding Moon nurtured by her increasing light. The days preceding the New Moon are the Shedding and the week following is the Creative Building. The days before the New Moon are an optimal time to clear your space ~ physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Honor, what has come and perhaps gone, give thanks for the gift of yet another completion of a cycle of Creation, Regeneration, and Renewal, and come prepared with your offering of Presence. We are at the gates and once stepped through, New Light will begin to dawn. The essence of the Virgo New Moon calls us to be present with the Body as one of the greatest resources we each have to… Continue reading