Soul Map ~ Birthday Book

What People Are Saying About The “SOUL MAP ~ BIRTHDAY BOOK”

Kaypacha Lescher I have been a student of astrology for over 40 years.  During that time, I have read countless interpretations of my chart by a countless number of astrologers.  Bearing that in mind, I am absolutely blown away by not only the interpretations, but the wisdom teachings shared, new insights, and most importantly, aspects of myself to both consciously work on AND be proud of, all shared with gentleness and deep understanding.  The “Personal Symbols” section of my book held an immense amount of value but my “Soul Story” took me to a whole new level of awareness!  How Jessica explained the evolutionary intention of my soul was both profound and exquisite.  This is by far the most personal and revealing interpretation of my chart, written clearly so that I can return to it again and again and still find new aspects of myself each time that all I can say is thank you!

Christine O’Connor ~ Jessica’s “Soul Map” is both a comprehensive but succinct tutorial on astrology in general as well as a specific guide for a particular birth chart. I consult mine regularly in a spiritual practice of learning to trust and to live with faith. The ancient Delphic oracle prescribed “Know Thyself” – astrology offers us a way to do this and Jessica’s “Soul Map” is a powerful tool.

Denise Fitch ~
5 out of 5 stars Apr 11, 2017 (on Etsy Store)
I purchased this book as a gift to my nephew not knowing quite what to expect. My book arrived yesterday, and I was blown away. You can see the time, effort, energy and love that was poured into this project. I was so impressed that I look forward to giving these books as birthday gifts. Just make sure you put in your request in plenty of time as this is not a quick turnaround. Well Worth the Wait!!

Time of the Waxing Full Moon Eclipse

This weeks transit of Venus opposite Neptune is calling us to bring our visions down to earth and to be realistic with our desired manifestations.   It’s time to take a good look at what is really possible and what may be idealistic, “wishful thinking” or perhaps just naive.   I’m a true believer in Miracles, however, there is such a great lesson upon us now in these powerful years of change, calling us all to take responsibility for what steps need to take place, what actions, what resolutions, what initiations.  It is nothing short of Humbling and in this Rite of Passage, we must all face our own place of surrender as we build together a New World.

In Between Eclipses

This weekends Scorpio Moon is sure to surface some deep emotions, especially with the Sun coming into the last, very potent, emotional degrees of Cancer through Saturday.  For many, this current Eclipse Season is proving to be the most intense transition we have experienced.  With Mars Retrograde on the South Node of the Moon, “Karma” is setting the tone and speaking loud and clear these days that “dealing with our past so that we can move forward is absolutely necessary.”

Mars is the planet of “action & energy,” and when in retrograde (especially when it’s hand in hand with all the skeletons in our closets of the past) we can feel TIERD, set-back, and possible physical issues flaring up.  The energies are high and many people are having difficulty sleeping and overwhelmed with the “to do” list each day.

As with all things – “This Too Shall Pass.”  The Sun moves out of Cancer and into Leo this Sunday, ushering in a fiery, playful energy to enliven the body and lift the spirit. Let it in.  Next week as we build into the coming Full Moon Eclipse, Venus and Neptune will come into opposition, offering us an opportunity to tap into a higher vision of what is possible and what is necessary to ground it into reality.  Now is not the time to take on more than you can handle!  Take it easy, and honor and support yourself through this hugely transitional time.

By the end of August, we will have all gone through a transformation of a lifetime and for many, the “Story” of our lives will be rewritten.

This Weekend ~ Moon in Leo

Photo – Gianni Zanato

Moon moves out of the Watery – Cancer New Moon Eclipse energies today and into the Fiery, Playful sign of Leo. It will come as a welcomed relief from the past few weeks building intensities!  Leo says, “Take charge somewhere in your life that wants your attention and have fun while doing it!”

This current Eclipse New Moon time is ripe for planting your seed intentions. The light of the Moon will soon begin to grow and take our Dreams waxing with it into the Manifestation Phase with the next Full Moon Eclipse (on July 27th.)

We’re also still in the powerful Earth – Grand Trine aspect between Venus, Uranus, and Saturn.  This is a transit that holds the potential to assist in grounding in some necessary, positive, CHANGES & powerful Shifts in your life.

Think of ways to get CREATIVELY ORGANIZED this weekend and harness the power of the Eclipse Gateway.

By the end of the weekend, the Moon will move into the light of Virgo, calling us in to FOCUS our energies where it is most effective and come more deliberate in what it is we wish to create and live.  The beginning of the week will offer us a few days to “clear space” personally.   Virgo is at its best when it is nurturing, purifying, and creating a state of inner well-being.

New Moon Solar Eclipse ~ July 12th

Currently, we are in the last three days of the Dark Phase of the Moon.  Just days before the New Moon, the light is fading ever more each day and into the darkest hour, we near closer. ~ From the Compost Phase to the New Seed Phase ~   “Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.” ~  Edgar Allan Poe   The “Darkest Hour” conjures many ideas in each our own perception, but here in the image of Luna herself, it is an invitation to release; to clear space for the new that IS COMING. Crossing the Threshold  Eclipses are like a portal that we step into or through and instantly we have arrived. But as with all cycles, there is a process in getting there; the steps we take, what must be faced, the actions required, etc. Eclipses occur every six months and during that “Eclipse Season” it is like a catalyst moment in time where each of our own most… Continue reading

“Half Moon” ~ Last Quarter Moon, Adjustment & Release, June 6th

Photo by: Giulia Bertelli

This week we come to the “crossroads” point along the path of our own personal journey.  The Half Moon is always a meeting at the threshold point of inevitable “adjustment” where we come mid-way once again.

This week’s “mid-point” is the time between the Waning Full Moon and the upcoming New Moon ~ Eclipse.   We are coming down from the peak of the Full Light of the Full Moon and will soon be entering (next week) the final stage of this current Lunar Cycle.  The stage of Death & Renewal in the natural cycle that comes in the wake of the New Moon.

We are all feeling the power of these waning currents as the impending three Eclipses, promise to usher in a World of Change for all of us.