Forecast for 12/12/12 and New Moon BY: Jessica Vikara Bourque

On 12/12/12, Jupiter is exactly conjunct with Lilith in Gemini, reminding us once again to expand and explore into our ideas and beliefs about the “Truth” of life.  Play around with questioning yourself and others.  When you step into Life, what is the perspective you offer to it?  Do you integrate yourself into the space around you carrying an attitude of “life is: good, fun, exciting, hard, scary, limited, or abundant”?  Life absolutely contains all these possibilities of existence, and we can hold each attitude for as long, for as determined, for as believing as we so choose.  The responsibility to choose and create our experience is in our hands more than ever now at this point in time.  The message on hand is to be willing to playfully explore into the vastness of the potential ways in which to experience life.  Clearly the most rewarding perspective is one of Love – Love life and Life will love you back. Venus joins up with the North Node in Scorpio today, further instigating discovery into the question: what do… Continue reading

Astrological Perspective for 12/12/12 by Jessica Vikara Bourque

An Astrological Perspective for This Time, 12/12/12, and the end of this Lunar Cycle By: Jessica Vikara Bourque click here for the corresponding mp3 Audio Post for this forecast   There is a prayer being whispered, called out, sang, and cried to the Spirit of Life; a genuine heart song created by the purity of Love and inspiration to be alive, born out of the anguish of all that separates us from our true selves. We have been in the most extreme of confrontations with the ego constructions, behaviors, and attitudes that have been eating away at our hearts for far too long now. For some to a lesser degree, while for many others this time has been a crucifying rite of passage into the core essence of Surrender. To let go so that change can happen. We are always in movement, and we must remember to not resist the ebb and flow, the waxing and waning of the natural cycles by which we are governed. The dark moon phase we are now so potently… Continue reading

Astrological Musing’s for October New Moon ~ November Solar Eclipse By: Jessica Vikara Bourque

I apologize for my pause on the Lunar Forecast!  I have spent the past couple of a weeks beneath the watery depths of an enormous wave within this great sea of life, seeking the treasures in the dark domain of the vast unknown, now coming up for air, I am certain there is much more to be discovered.  I am off for Brazil in a couple of hours, where I know awaits some lost pieces of the puzzle, along with a mystery I may never understand…such is life.  This forecast here is not the Lunar Forecast. It is just an overall of what I’m feeling this time to be about. I am planning to start back up consistently again with the Lunar Forecast after I return mid-November.  Thank you to everyone who was inquiring about the Lunar forecast and supporting it coming up!  So much appreciation for all of our connection!  with love, Jessica  This past New Moon in Libra 2 weeks ago was escorted in by Uranus – the Change maker.  Many are still… Continue reading

September 8th to September 14th, Lunar Forecast

We have entered into the last week of this Moon cycle where all remaining light will fade into complete darkness.  We entered the Temple of Leo through the last New Moon, and now we are in the last days of completing this cycle.  Symbolically, this represents a time where we must  surrender to letting go of what is not making it on to the next stage and to allow ourselves to be enveloped by a state of unconsciousness; a place where a new life form yet not revealed awaits emergence.  Much that has been illuminated in these past few weeks will also fade, and some things will just simply die away into the darkness of the coming New Moon.  The seed potentials birthed weeks ago are in their final transmutation phase into the next stage of their life.  We are completing the ideas, plans, and projects, and we are seeing what has made it through and what simply did not make the cut. This current half-Moon phase is about readjusting our consciousness and awareness in… Continue reading